Your Summer Detox Drink!

The summers are right around the corner and we cannot be happier! And now is the time to prep up and detoxify. All the yummy food that we binged on, to keep ourselves warm and cozy, does not suit our system anymore. Our bodies demand something that is light, cool and refreshing. So, here is a quick, easy, rejuvenating Detox Drink you can sip on throughout the day…

Ingredients for a Pitcher (Serves 2)

Apple  : ½

Green Apple : ½

Strawberry : 10-12

Mint Leaves : Handful

Cinnamon powder : 2-3 teaspoon

Lemon : Cut in Half


Cut the fruits and lemon in thin slices, along with some mint leaves and keep aside in a bowl

Pour water into a pitcher and put everything from the bowl in it. Sprinkle cinnamon powder.

Mix and let it sit in a refrigerator overnight.

Serve chilled with ice cubes…







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