Your guide for different college looks is here!

Rumour has it that the town is blazing with people spending money on last minute shopping for the upcoming… First day of the college! Yes, you heard us right. There are a thousands of school pass-outs going gaga over brands and clothing to get the right look and make an astounding first impression on the first day. After all, first impression is the last impression and you definitely want to make the best out of it… So here are a few tips from Vajor to make your first day count with outfits that are effortless and fun just like your forthcoming college days!

1. Opt for dresses that are breezy and comfortable to wear, but at the same time bring out inner diva in you.


2. A pair of flared pants never hurt anyone… Go for versatile hues that can be easily paired with a lot off-shoulder or tank tops on casual laid-back days.


3. Jumpsuits are the best friend your wardrobe can get, for they are a complete outfit on its own! Go for jumpsuits that take your effortless dressing game up a notch!


4. A shrug is something that is a must for your college wardrobes. Throw it above your tops or dresses and transform your college dresses into late night party outfits…


5. Go for sets that are not only breezy for those hot days but have a stylish edge to them. Sets are the best way to make a uber cool statement with minimum efforts.


6. Shirts are the one of the best outfit attires one needs to posses for college days. They are always in trend and we can get a plethora of designs in them to match up to our mood


7. Another exciting thing you definitely don’t want to miss out on are the customized pouches, handbags and shirt to make your name pop out in the most glamorous way…


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