Yoga From Nine-To-Five!

Following the many excuses of people about how they barely have time for workout or yoga in today’s fast life, one day you suddenly wake up to a concept called ‘Chair Yoga’! As I watch Urmi Kothari (a famous fitness educator) teach people how to use their ‘chairs’ as a prop to perform a different set of asanas, I do my own share of little stretching in my chair as I write this. This can’t be so bad. All those millennial reasons for not being able to do Yoga, because no time for that on the clock, can go down the drain. And many of those breaks at work that require circling the workplace as an excuse to get out of your chair can finally be put to good use by, in fact, being in the chair itself!

Yoga has become so much more relevant in the kind of lifestyle we follow today that every now and then, different variations to it turn up. That’s the beauty of it that it fits into any mould. Chair Yoga or Desk Yoga is one such variation. Primarily for the working class, those who spend a substantial amount of their day in a desk job, chair yoga is a great way to stretch and keep your body and mind sane while you work long hours sitting at the same place. It is believed and seen to relieve mental stress and improve physical well-being of employees .Although, it is said that chair yoga can be practised by anybody, even pregnant women for that matter. Not kidding, I have been a witness to it!

Chair Yoga has a variety of consumers and all of them have different reasons to practice. Some want to try a completely different set of asanas. For such a crowd, chair is like a prop to perform Yoga differently which makes it interesting and lets you give the usual ‘yoga on a mat’ a breather to try something new. Some people say that they hardly find time to do regular yoga so chair yoga at work or other places sounds like a good substitute.

Good Or Not, I’ll leave it to you to decide. Nonetheless, here’s a list of the asanas YOGAtta do for your daily bit of Chair Yoga at work or any other place that requires you to plop down in a chair. Try to avoid chairs with armrests as that might restrain you from performing the asanas smoothly.

Finger Stretching



Upper Body Stretch



Upper Body Twist



Elbow Up-Down



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