Women’s Day Celebration at Vajor

‘Women’s Day’ is not just a day to celebrate the womanhood within you, around you, on one single day. But to feel more empowered, more strong and more safe to speak out, and do the things you want to do, you need to do and feel so much freedom in doing that. Every single day of the year…. 

We have always talked about empowered, inspiring and independent woman being our “Muse”. And time and again we have celebrated these very women by sharing their stories and recognizing them in way or the other. Hence, when it comes to Women’s Day 2018, we decided to go ahead and make it a big day for all #SuperWomen around us. At our retail stores in Pune & Chennai, the celebrations are not a mere one day affair!

Vajor stores, from 8th – 11th March, are celebrating all the women shoppers in a unique sense. We believe our stores are where our customers will get a great experience along with a great product. And this women’s day, all female shoppers are warmly greeted a Happy Women’s Day with a meaningful gift… A green, growing and flourishing plant. Its our way of expressing how we believe in nurturing our community and of-course, we love ourselves a greener surrounding. That’s not all! We have the most engaging activity waiting for you inside our stores. A “spin the wheel” full of enticing offers and gifts to be won await all women on our touch screens. Beautifully curated gift hampers are eagerly waiting to be taken home. With a single touch, one could win a lovely women’s day gift!

Its most satisfying to watch these women engage and walk out of our store with a happy experience.

Making it count for those most important, the day was filled with excitement as our team went out together for a lovely lunch together. What gives the brand the ability to celebrate Women’s Day with such enthusiasm and thought is this very team that resonates with Vajor’s ideology and gives it so much more meaning. Day in and day out, these women are breaking stereotypes, leading major projects towards success, driving those around them to go that extra mile. So, we got together to raise a toast and celebrate our entire team for being absolute #SuperWomen.

There are so many women out there who are denied their basic rights, and so, to see so many of us do wonderfully, be it in our personal or professional spheres, it’s important to encourage women, to let each one of us keep doing what we are doing to achieve our dream, be it big or small. Because for any dream to become a reality, for any woman to start loving themselves, for any woman to start believing in herself, it takes a process, and each one of us are on our own clock. This Women’s Day, Vajor makes sure to encourage, support, fight for every woman around us and celebrate the beautiful existence of the woman that we are.

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