Women in Capes: Vinithra

“Sitting with my girl friends, sipping on my wine, discussing life and decisions, suddenly I came to a conclusion of ‘why can’t I do it?’ is how it all really started really…”

For Vinithra, founder of Weespaces, a stylist and a mum to begin with, entering the business of home decor was only something that happened much later in life. It wasn’t something she had dreamt about pursuing one day for the rest of her life but happened by chance when she became a mum for the very first time. Always fond of decorating spaces for her friends and family, her likeness for decorating, redesigning, renovating and giving a whole new makeover to interior spaces grew more passionately after her first born, when Weespaces was all about playrooms, toddler rooms and redecorating nurseries. Today a successful interior designer, Vinithra’s work speaks louder for itself, which is now her full time profession.


Always part of a “People’s job”, what she loves most about her profession apart from remodelling new spaces of course is the fact that she gets to interact, meet and understand new people. A common link between all her jobs, she now recalls how she’s always enjoyed communicating well to the clients and how it helps her work to “translate into good design settings.”

A highly independent woman who believes that every individual, be it a man or a woman, does not need another individual in their life to be able to sustain themselves or to complete their lives, make it a ‘whole’, Vinithra also dresses as effortlessly as her free-spirited, broad minded personality that does not think too much of what others have to say. Her wardrobe mostly consists of “good basics like jeans and comfortable tops”. Usually a dress or a skirt person, she finds peace in outfits that are chic, put-together, yet comfortable for her to rally in and around through her busy schedule. What struck her the most about the recent Cape & Cloth collection is the fact that “the garments let you stand out and are not the kind that take over you…”. Her choice of clothes is reminiscent of her personality, simple, clean and yet impactful.

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