Women in Capes: Shweta Mukherjee

A wedding, vacation, child and a documentary photographer, Shweta’s association with Vajor dates long back. Her zeal to strive independently is something we admire so much. For someone who started her profession as a photographer at the age of 30 when her daughter was born, independence is a lot about self-empowerment for Shweta, whether it is for a man or a woman.

“I am very often asked who takes care of our daughter when I go out for work and am not at home… My husband does and it’s not a big deal either for him or for me. I can be independent with my work because he is independent in terms of household chores and when it comes to our daughter. The same is true vice versa.”

When asked how she suddenly put a finger on photography as a profession after quitting her well established job, she says that it was something she always wanted to pursue subconsciously and always found herself documenting or covering events happening around her. It is her love for meeting new people from different backgrounds getting to know their stories and to be able to make lasting connections with her clients is what keeps her going everyday in her job.  

For Shweta the “most loved part about this collection is that its Made in India,”  and although dresses own her heart, sets are the ones she feels most comfortable in while working where she can “squat, jump, climb and dance in them along with shooting.”

“My personal favourite would be the overlap blue dress and the collared striped dress. Imagine walking into the office without the regular black skirt/ trousers and shirt and still looking crisp” says Mukherjee.

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