Women In Capes – Sabina Karnik

Talk about a woman who has poise yet has a hint of subtle humour within her voice, someone who demands authority but at the same time one cannot help but notice the soft-spoken demeanour that radiates her persona, someone who has churned out substantial and powerful work for names and brands like Google, Instagram, Verve Magazine and Disney to name a few, the kinds one can only dream of working with one day. Yet those floral patterns and daring use of bright and bold colours only help bring out her personality that’s cheerful and rooted.

Sabeena Karnik, a paper typographer/ illustration artist has the power to mould, twist and turn paper to her own will. While most of us can only think of turning a paper into a child’s play airplane, Karnik has managed to work with paper using multiple techniques like Quilling being one of them to showcase some of the most beautiful artworks that are a visual treat.


When asked about what inspired her to create such lovely artworks, Sabeena informs us that beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. She easily gets inspired by small and minute things around her that one would probably never care to notice otherwise like “how light falls on a certain object” or “the way a simple change of angle of looking at things can give rise to newer shapes ”. Paper illustration for Karnik is more a passion turned into job of sorts, something she is extremely grateful for, for it lets her express herself literally more “visibly” well and the fact that she can “surprise others” with her art. “To be able to use the same medium yet create new things everyday” and/or make them think, is what keeps her going everyday past all the challenges that she comes across in her life.


Being an independent woman that she is, Sabeena feels that an “independent woman is a woman with wings”. An independence that every woman should be liable to whether being a full-time mum or a big corporate junkie, for it will only “lead her to be the best version of herself”.

Wearing the ‘Work it Up Jumpsuit’ from our latest workwear collection, Karnik tells us how she was in love with the colour story of the entire collection. What caught her sight were the earthy colours and the “effortlessness” of the garments that she felt while wearing them.


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