Women In Capes: Ritu Arya

“At the end of the day, if you’ve worked on something that you want to share with the world, I think it’s fine even if you haven’t made a lot of money. You should be satisfied with what you achieved throughout the day when you land on the pillow at night.”



A textile design graduate, Ritu was already blogging in her college days. She, along with a college friend, also started ‘Drum and Bass India’ – a music community that, apart from online features and releases, organises gigs with national and international artists to promote underground bass music,“DnB is like a baby to me. Because it’s my personal work and it was a passion project. It was never started to make money.”, says Ritu who also manages ‘The Untitled One’ – the co-founder of DnB- as an artist.

Calling herself a ‘Mood Blogger’, Ritu Arya works as a freelance stylist and a creative director for catalogs, editorials and look-book projects and still continues to do so. Being a part of all those experiences, the best part about her job?,“I love creating images, curating DnB gigs, taking care of the artists and all that comes along with it. I love seeing people happy and dancing at the gigs and elated when they return home!”


A creative-minded independent human being, she says,“I have worked really hard to get where I am today and that gives me the liberty to quote a certain price for my work, time and efforts.” Working as a freelancer at the moment, Ritu Arya is taking steps to create her own label now.

“I really don’t believe in dying a nobody. I am not saying that your work should be all over the world. You could just be running a NGO. But you should be happy and doing what you want to do.”,says Ritu.


Ritu Arya seems to love her work and is grateful for her friends and family that support her throughout the ordeal and help her get out of bed on those slow-moving days.”I am grateful that I started doing things I love in college. I am glad I don’t have a structured 9-5 job and that I am doing things I love so I don’t have to complain.”



About the collection, she is dazzled that the prime focus was on comfort when the collection was designed. “You can be you but also step out in style. And for me comfort is my priority. I absolutely hate seeing people torture themselves with clothes they don’t feel comfortable in. You have to be comfortable when you’re at home or stepping out. I like how the fits aren’t very tight and body-hugging and the colors are very basic.”

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