Women In Capes: Richa Kashelkar

Extremely nervous when she was on her way to shoot her first wedding ever, Richa remembers how she was constantly under the fear of screwing up. But as it turned out, all went well and she is now among the best and the most-loved wedding photographers of the country.



Talking about how photography became one of the most significant element of her life, she says, “I only discovered photography by accident when I started using the camera on my phone. I took a few pictures with it and was instantly hooked on it. I have never stopped taking pictures since that day.” The best part about her job, she claims, is that it gives her the freedom to live her life the way she wants and lets her be creative. “I don’t think I am made for something like a 9 to 5 structured job.”



Richa believes that her photography style can be best described, if at all it should be described, as ‘real, classy and timeless”’. She tries to capture the emotions rather than the glamour of the wedding and believes that the style of a photographer is the direct reflection of what he/she is like as a person.” As a person I stay away from artificiality and gimmicks and that reflects in the way I photograph.”

Being married to a man who also happens to be her partner in clicking beautiful wedding pictures, Richa reminds us how important it is to for every individual, and not just a woman, to be independent and to be able to have the liberty to live life on one’s own terms. It lets you support yourself, your decisions and your choices in life. She absolutely loves the part where she gets to work, photograph and travel with her husband.

Being an aficionado of dresses that fit and loose kurta pants, Richa feels fortunate that there is clothing today that is practical and makes you look good at the same time. Thanks to her profession, she always has to be on the move and be in different places and cities to shoot all kinds of weddings. “For a photographer, comfort always comes before style.” She believes that the perfect wardrobe choice for a photographer or for herself would be something that she feels untroubled in; something in which she can move around, bend or even run without having to worry.



Wearing the ‘C&C Powerplay Jumpsuit’ from our Cape & Cloth collection, Richa tells us how she loves the collection for it’s wonderful combination of breathable fabrics with sharp structured silhouettes.


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