Women In Capes: Natasha Celmi

“Cooking is an art. It is similar to a fashion designer making clothes or an artist painting. The moment you hand a brush to a passionate painting artist, his imagination goes wild. For me, cooking gives me the joy of creating new flavors, challenge the conventional and feeling the thrill of it!” – Natasha Celmi

Born in a typical Indian Marwari family, Natasha never anticipated that she would go on to become one of the most popular Italian food professionals in the country. But thanks to her parents, she got the chance to not only travel to but take up an Italian cooking course that paved the way for the life she lives right now.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from the Italian cuisine. That’s because I was trained in an Italian cooking school. That is where my love and passion for cooking kicked off.”,says Natasha Celmi, a food professional and a passionate home cook as well, whose Italian cooking saga is her inspiration for the name of her famous blog ‘Cucina Mia’ which is an Italian phrase for ‘My Kitchen’.

Natasha told us how she absolutely lost her heart to the Italian tradition of cooking when she came across the nitty-gritty of it. “In India, we typically cook Indian food and save the special cuisines, particularly international cuisines, for special occasions and days. But I am making my own little efforts to change that and times are changing.” She loves the Italian tradition of cooking for how importantly it constitutes the lives of the Italian people. “For Indians, cooking is more like a chore. Italians, on the other hand, love cooking. Their lives revolve around it. Everyone in the house, including the men and kids,cook together.”

Celmi’s passion is to cook good food and if not that, her second strongest love is teaching people how to cook good food so that they can enjoy it every single day. After all, life might be too short to have bad food. In fact, she says that the best part about her job is that she gets to spread her love and passion for cooking good food and finding out that people are learning it, experiencing it and loving it!

Wearing our ‘C&C Taupe Collared Top and Flared Striped Pants’ from our Cape And Cloth collection, Natasha told us how she loves the collection for how comfortable and good it feels for the Indian weather. It’s the right balance suited for both work as well as the regular environment. “Besides that, the collection makes you come across as confident and self-sufficient”, says Natasha.

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