Women In Capes: Aakriti Joanna

“My clients help me become a better therapist and a better person. It is never monotonous and helps me grow everyday.”

Aakriti Joanna is a psychotherapist, but not your usual one. She is strongly working towards normalizing the talk around mental health and breaking the taboo that surrounds it. About a year ago, she started her company called ‘KahaMind’ – an online therapy platform where she and her team offer therapy through chat, call and video.


“Apart from offline sessions, we offer online therapy sessions. I wanted to make therapy more accessible and affordable to people. I realized that a lot of people want help but don’t know how to ask for it, that’s when I decided to start this.”, says Aakriti. Through online sessions, Aakriti offers therapy that is more convenient, allows more privacy and allows you to reach a therapist from the comfort of your home. “In the age of fast life and no time, some people also avail therapy when they’re on their way to and fro work. We have a team of professionals and we’re trying to build an online community. The idea is to allow people to talk about mental health, and not be intimidated by it.”

One might see Aakriti as a person whose day passes listening to a multitude of problems from different people. Some might argue if it’s damaging to her personality. But what Aakriti feels is much different to that. “The best part about my job is that you get to listen to a lot of stories and touch lives. My clients help me become a better therapist and a better person. It is not monotonous and helps me grow everyday. Two people might have the same problem but a totally different approach towards it and the story behind it.”

According to Aakriti, her being a mental health professional has helped her in dealing with her own issues majorly in terms of awareness. “I know beforehand that something is not going right and that I should go ask for help. That’s the only advantage I have. My independence has helped me in doing what I want to do, and doing it the best way I can but it also means asking for help when I need it.” Joanna has a very offbeat way of looking at therapy. She believes therapy is not just about providing answers. And upon asking what inspires her, she said, “I work with my clients as a team and we set goals and strive to achieve them. It is very exciting for me. A win for them is a win for me. Every time a client does something well at something, it feels like a personal achievement. That is what inspires me everyday and drives me to work.”

We asked Joanna about her thoughts on the Cape and Cloth collection. “My aesthetic is very minimal and that is exactly what Vajor reflects for me. It was very difficult for me to choose.” Aakriti had only one word for the collection – ‘comfortable’.

“Both outfits have pockets and that is a blessing! I am really excited about this.” She thought the collection is extremely transitional. “I can wear them morning to night, formal or informal. I feel I got lucky with collaborating with you guys!”, she giggles.



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