Where The Wild Things Are…

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Repetition, monotony, routine… Everything that we don’t want in our life, but, somehow get caught up in the very same. We need to experiment more in life to keep things fresh and interesting. Fixating on our wardrobe choices, eating that particular cuisine, going to that favorite restaurant, that routine makeup regime… It may all seem very easy, but, its high time we break out of that box!

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Step out of your comfort zone to experience the new… Do the unthinkable, the crazy, the unexpected, the wild! Travel to unseen places, try out a new cuisine, dress up different, color your hair or try a new cut, redecorate your personal space… Live like there’s no tomorrow!

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That’s exactly what we had in mind when we created these looks… Experimentation with jewelry! Combining pieces that seem out of place but are actually magical together. Focusing on accessories using a chic minimal dress in pure white as the canvas…

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Making a piece of jewelry as your centerpiece can be risky! You need the perfect styling, the right kind of makeup, the perfect hair do to keep it together… And then, just the right garment to play the role of your canvas. Accessories are generally used to accentuate our outfits. They are the “add ons” or the “finishing touches” to our favorite dresses!

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But here, we have reversed the game! Letting a piece of jewelry rule the stage… It is a fresh change and a challenge we much wanted to take. It can be really interesting to play with accessories and create fresh looks with the outfits you have worn before. You can add a spin and create an entirely new look with the right statement accessory…

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So, go ahead, take out those jewelry boxes and go wild!

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