When In Ramleela

Dussehra is a popular Hindu festival but perhaps not as widely celebrated as Diwali. Unfortunately, over the years, celebrating Dusshera has just warned off. So this year We decided to witness the famous Ramleela Maidan to watch Ravana burn & see the play enacted by seasoned actors.


Firstly, its not the most conventional place to be. Ramleela maidan during Dussehra is like a big carnival for everyone and anyone… People pour in from all corners of the city. The whole ground was crowded with different kinds of people from different casts, cultures and states. For some, it is a ritual to attend the Mela every year, for some it is a chance to experience the wonders for a first time. There are people who come with children to introduce them to the culture and enjoy the festivities while a big chunk of the crowd comes just to enjoy the holiday and to watch the Ravana burn.

There were different kinds of street foods, rides and of course the whole story is enacted by theater actors in front of the audience. You can sit and witness the story as it unfolds. If that is not interesting enough, the mela-like atmosphere sure is.

The entire food spread was vegetarian and perhaps the best representation of Delhi’s street food you will find anywhere. The delicacies included the evergreen mouthwatering “papdi chaat”, “kulfi”, “gol-gappe”, “cotton candy”, etc. The ambience of the place and occasion is perfect and you simply can’t resist but indulge.



But the best part of the Ramleela Ground Adventure was the Rides, they were as crazy if you would have gone to an amusement park. You can see the whole Ramleela ground from these rides, the entire clear picture, on one side you see the Red fort and the opposite you see the famous Jama Masjid.


The one thing you need to keep in mind while dressing up for a carnival, and a crowded Ramleela at that, is comfort, movement & pockets! Pockets are a must!! Hence, we picked a denim dress with pockets to hold our belongings so that we can roam around fuss-free. All the more reason all the pictures are clicked with an iphone. DSLR is too big a risk and responsibility to carry with you in such a crowd! The dress had a beautiful Ikat patch that gave an indie edge, ideal for the Mela!


The Ramleela is something that one should experience at least once if not more! It is colourful, rich of culture, food & fun and it happens once a year… We don’t need anymore excuses to be there!

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