What’s 2016 whispering to you…

As the year 2015 nears its end, 2016 awaits us all with a new beginning, new opportunities and a lot of surprises in store… And we are here to let you in on the little secrets and advises the year is whispering to each zodiac sign! The following horoscope readings are an overview of your entire year… Go ahead and see what you need to do to make the best out of 2016! Hope this year turns out to be the most beautiful and full of magic…



This is the time to release & unburden yourself… Let go off things that no longer serve your purpose! It also means, you need to come to terms with your past, to stop stressing over things that did not turn out the way you wanted them to… That is what will bring you happiness. Things that, so far, have been holding you back will just ‘POP’ and vanish!

Dear Arians, it’s high time for you to simply kick up your heels! 2016 is the year of celebration for you… So, just give yourself more time and welcome joy with open arms! If 2015 was the year when you learned your lessons, now is the time to put it all in action… You will develop your self -esteem and be more sure of who you are!


January is your month for cleansing… So detoxify, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well! And, the only crucial word of advice is, you are worthy of all things you desire if you work on it.



The answers to your questions are resounding yes! Yay! The universe has your back… Follow your intuition! Listen to your heart and you will never be led astray! 2016 is the year when you will receive what you truly desire! You will get clarity this year… Everything will fall into place and you will realize what is good for you for real!

2016 is whispering a little secret to you… “Welcome the quiet & noisy, welcome the light & dark!”. What it means is, its all a cycle really and all you need to do is stay positive throughout the year, even when you might be going through a low… Because happiness is right around the corner. Always find something to laugh about!


Another word of advice is, write it down! Your thoughts, emotions & desires are supposed to be written down… Share your imagination! If you don’t fancy writing, use writing as a medium… 2016 can also be a good time for partnerships. Try letting people in who can help you clear your obstacles.



This coming year, trust that all is well. Open your heart to receive this inner knowing. Trust your intuition and your instincts… Don’t let people and what they have to say get to you. You know what’s best for you!

Also, this year is all about self love and care. Its about realizing just how worthy you are… So, place your hands gently over your heart and say “I love you”… And, repeat!


You will have some real beautiful encounters this year. All you need to do is, break out of your shell and be true to yourself! You are blossoming in this coming year… Try out new things, come out and transform into who you truly are. Don’t be afraid. But again, be gentle and don’t push anything!



You will face the truth about yourself… You will realize the things that went down in the past and come face to face with who you are… You will come to terms with unresolved issues and finally get a chance to put it all behind you. Its like getting second chances or an opportunity to redo. Its the best thing and you need to make full use of it!

Whatever has been hindering your path, things that you don’t want anymore… Let it go! Don’t be afraid of changes. The universe is telling you, you are safe! 2016 is reminding you not to hide. Go all out! Don’t rob people of your presence. Unwind! Relax your mind to allow the answers to appear within your heart. Get rid of the chaos! Get rejuvenated, be on your own if that’s required.

get rid of the

Always be thankful and express your gratitude for all. Everything and everyone around you brought you where you are and if you are grateful, it will take you even higher!



Try not to beat yourself up this year… 2016 is about developing self love and being the best version of yourself. Every day, remind yourself how wonderful you are! You’ve got to realize your own beauty before others can see it.

Bring music into your life and listen. Music is very healing… Use it as a tool to relax and cure yourself. Also, this 2016 advises you to feel your strength and build it mentally, physically and emotionally. You will get into your true strength and character. You will be much more sure, firm and mature about your life.


Strengthen your connection with the animal kingdom… Animals help you heal as well. Renew your bond with your pets, go to the zoo… Help out a stray… It will all bring you peace!



You are coming into a big year of spiritual growth! Include water in all forms as a part of your daily living. Its about physical, mental and emotional detox. Pay attention to what goes into your body and ensure good health. Also, the truth will empower you this year… As in, you need to realize there are always three sides to a story… Your’s, their’s and the truth! You will come to terms with the truth and empathize with what others are going through!

Listen and observe the signals that come to you… They may have roots in a past life. Some things in life that have been playing out over and over again will stop once you realize you yourself have the ability to put an end to it. You may need to bring about a little change in yourself and it will all disappear… It will all end with you through self realization.


You are a role model and teacher for all spiritual souls, especially, children. If you take action, you will inspire others to do so as well!



Feel your own angelic being come alive. You are supposed to step into your power this year. This also means stepping into your innate beauty. You will have a strong connection with the universe… Just tap into it and you will get your answers. Also, any form of movement will be very beneficial for you, so, get going! Its not just about getting fit, its about shaking it off, letting go of stuff that’s bothering you. The goal is to shake off any stagnant, painful energy, situation or memory and get fit inside out!

Feel your personal strength build physically, mentally and emotionally. Its a very healthy year for you and you are really turning it around. This year, you will find true joy in the smallest things. Your strength is utterly beautiful, so, let it come forward. No more denying what you want or thinking that you can’t have it.


When forgiveness is true, you will rise up from the ashes like the phoenix. Don’t take all your burdens and baggage with you. It will not serve you… Let it go… Leave it all behind and you will reach the most beautiful place.



The whole of 2016 for you is about nature, animals, grounding and basically being rooted. You might find yourself going out and trying new things, opening new doors and doing things you thought you’d never do! Its going to be very refreshing as you will get a whole new perspective on who you are and how you want to approach your life.

You will get more clarity in your relationships. As in, your inner conflicts will resolve and you will have a better idea of what is it that you exactly want from  your partner or the relationship as a whole. If you are single, there might be somebody coming in for you! So, all in all, yay! Also, this year, you will find your striking beauty and it doesn’t really matter what society says is beautiful.


Get outside, take in the beauty of nature. And just feel alive! Breathe in the fresh air… It will help you cleanse and feel calm. Strengthen your connection with the animal kingdom… Communicate with your pets. If you don’t like animals, give it a thought… Understand why you have that repulsion. Animals are great messengers and can provide you a lot of love, care and healing!

Sending roots deep into the earth will keep you grounded while anchoring your true desires. Break out of your own shell, feel your own divinity race through your body as you step forward and claim who you really are. Be true to yourself!



The year 2016 wants you to know that you really draw from your own experiences. Water will help you detoxify your mind, body and soul. Cleanse! Bath, swim, drink… Do some or do it all… It will help you!

Breathe! No matter what happens over the course of this year, no matter how crazy it seems! Help facilitate changes and adjustments happening in your life through your breath. No matter what gets rocking & rolling in 2016, you’ll always come home by breathing and being calm and getting back into awareness.


You’ll be grounded this year. As in, composed, closer to roots. You’ll be more accepting and more accommodating which will help you if ever things don’t go the way you wanted them to. This year is whispering and asking you, inspiration is the source of all manifestations… What are your hearts inspirations? Discover what really drives you… Or what is it that you really want out of your life.



Let go of any set picture or scenario you have in your head because there are a lot of new things coming in for you. Its all in a good way. You might not want to let go of something, but, what’s coming is better. It will make you question everything and you just need to understand that it will all happen for your good.

If you are feeling unsteady or unsure of something, just breathe. Stay calm! Let it happen, let things take their shape and develop. There is absolutely no point in panicking. Make friends with change! Self love! Be selfish and love yourself over all others. Make sure you decompress and make time for you! Do things that are nurturing for yourself…

Clear Your Space

Clear your space! De-cluttering means making room for more magnificence. Get rid of things that you no longer need or that are negative somehow… It could be materialistic things or it could be memories, energy or even people.



Great change awaits you! In a good way… Also, inspiration is the source of all manifestations, so, what are your hearts inspirations? Figure out what you really want! Recognize the opportunities coming your way!

Strengthen your connection with the animal kingdom… Get centered, get rounded… Animals symbolize love and nature. So break the monotony of day to day life. Love and communicate with your pets or strays or enjoy connecting to whatever cute things you find at a zoo. They will help you cleanse and release stress.


You are a teacher and role model for all spiritual beings around you. Especially, children! All the more reason to be good and put your best foot forward.



Moving out of your zone and stretching yourself a bit is going to help you a lot. Welcome all aspects of your radiant, glorious, loving self… Embrace who you are, embrace all aspects of you… No matter what feedback you get, be you!

This year, everything is happening in perfect and divine timing. So, don’t push it! Let things happen, unfold at their own pace.

go with the flow...

Include water in all forms as a part of your daily life… Detox, drink purified water, take a trip to the beach if you like… This also means, you need to go with the flow this year. Just like water… Its all about mental, physical and emotional cleansing.

Also, the year is whispering to you, speaking your truth from the reservoir of love will attract all forms of love.

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