Vajor Travel Diaries: The Goat Village

The Goat Village- is exactly what it is alternatively called, A Happier Himalayan Village. A place which is miles and miles away from the crowded busy city life. A place where time stands still and you have ample of time to explore or introspect. Finish reading your favourite book, volunteer to help the locals with farming or just enjoy the beautifully peaceful crimson fall and the rising of the sun from between the mountain with a hot cup of tea. Goat Village is a place nestled in the state of Uttrakhand where to reach for the clouds, you just have to extend your hand…


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Of the many initiatives by The Green People to revive abandoned villages in the hills of Uttarakhand and encourage reverse migration of farmers, The Goat Village is one of the initiatives. The place is untouched which is a bliss in its own and a treat to the eyes, and gives a first hand experience of living with basics that defines the endless contentment of living in the hills.

Our team members recently went to The Goat Village for the shoot of our newest collection the ‘Nomadic Soul- Fall/Winter Collection’ and experienced travelling in its true form. The place not only reflects our mood of exploring new places but also the fact that it’s not always about luxury hotels ,bathtubs and a glass of wine. Travelling can also be to a remote village in the hills with no electricity and where hot water is available from a common renewable resource…


We started from Gurgaon in the midst of night and after reaching Pantwari, took a 9km off-road track to our destination. One can take their own car or The Goat Village can also arrange for a ride for a hassle free journey. In the end, there is a 2 km trek to the top of the hill where The Goat Village stands surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys as far as the eye can see.

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Standing tall at over 7000 ft, the cottages are cute and cozy enough for friends, family or for your lone stay at the place with your pet and is handsomely done by the local artisans. The rooms are self-sufficient, well lit with cozy beds and indoors with no Wi-Fi to keep your head engrossed in technology all the time. Forget that you have carried any mobiles because it will only end up lying inside your bags. Make the most of the time, come face to face with the life of the locals and take it all in while you are still there…

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Wake up to mesmerizing sunrise, fluffy goats, cute dogs, pure air, clear blue skies, surrounding greens and the lovely colourful millet fields. And these factors only added that extra charm to our shoots in their raw form.

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Food and hospitality are something that will win your hearts over and again. All the produce is grown naturally by the local farmers sans any chemicals and has the exquisite taste of the local flavour there. And one place that is ought to grab your attention is the Green House Cafe/ common room that is utterly beautiful. With huge glass walls on all sides the view from within is spectacular. And helps you unwind with the simple yet delicious food and the mountainous views.


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Also don’t worry about getting bored, as there are a couple of treks you can take during the day. And Nag Tibba is a trekker’s delight that leads to a temple across one of the mountains. The views and the terrains will definitely get hold of your attention in the most amazing way…

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Finally, the treat of the trip comes every night in the form of million of stars in the sky. Unlike the cloudy unclear skies of the city, the clear pollution-free skies make for an arresting sight that leaves you teary eyed because of its magnificence. What more is the the easy visibility and discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy through the naked eye that leaves everyone completely awestruck. Lay on your back to seep in the view as your stay comes to an end and you reminisce the memories you have made and the experiences you have lived…



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