A video that will make you want to take a vacation with your friends NOW!

           Sometimes, a weekend getaway is all we need to break free from the hectic spiral that our lives are. Escaping the tiring schedules of everyday, mundane and machine-like life to an innate hideout is the perfect way to reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings. It ensures a mind that is both stress-free and self-aware. A travelogue full of soul, joins three women Shweta Tripathi (Actor), Aien Jamir (Blogger), and Angel Bedi(Artist), in their travel to ‘Vivaana Culture Hotel, Mandawa, Rajasthan with each other. The journey began with all three of these women being strangers, and ended with them developing a deep bond. A bond of friendship, a bond formed by the likeness of travelling and connected with each other through their journey. A journey that wasn’t just about having spent quality time, but also about the enriching experience of realization as we get back to our roots.



The true essence of travel is stepping out of your corner of the world and exploring another… It was more than a touristic vacation for us, it was a meaningful adventure that took us back to life physically, emotionally and spiritually. This lovely escapade took us to a quaint place in Rajasthan with culture and heritage in its full glory and we witnessed old traditions seep right through. The place was earlier a palace had an old-world charm, which has now been converted into a tourist resort with stunning fresco art around the resort walls. We spent our day time having picnics in the green floral courtyard and the nights on the rooftop gazing at the stars or by the pool where a local couple who has been with the resort since its inception, sang lovely folk songs to entertain us through the night… The rooms were not only cosy but also had a grand royal feel attached to them. And apart from a well stocked library there was an enchanting wall made of trunks collected from all over the world with the name of the place inscribed on them, something that gave the resort a charm of its own…



The entire road trip took almost eight hours to reach our destination, and the most beautiful part of the journey was experiencing the enchanting sunsets from the roof of the caravan, the au naturel surroundings of the village sans streetlights, cars, and the busy bodies… Eventually melting into the evening and atmosphere of the heritage city of Rajasthan. After the tiring journey that drained each one of us, the welcoming folk song ‘Padharo Mare Desh’, the warm welcome with flowers and the majestically beautiful resort took away all the tiredness.




The women wore Vajor, that spoke and shouted of a complete vacation vibe… The garments were picked keeping in mind the shift from the hustling city life to a much relaxed vacation in Rajasthan. The women wore clothes that reflected their true identities. Apart from being absolutely travel-friendly, Vajor garments make your feel beautiful in and out without compromising on the amount of comfort you need while travelling…  




The women having hailed from completely different walks of life, exuberated independent personas. And wore garments that were free-spirited and boho, comfortable and breezy, edgy yet cheerful. But mainly focusing on the fact that one does not need to wear a boring jeans and a T-shirt while travelling. A comfort fit maxi dress or a straight fit mini dress that lets you breathe is also perfect to make you feel at peace with yourself.  




The Vajor Summer Getaway was an enriching experience for each of them. The idea was to inspire and to get inspired, something that was experienced by everyone. For each had a story to tell, experiences to share, and an amazing journey to behold close to their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Travel such that it creates memories.


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