VAJOR Stickers- You Are An Earth Warrior

Alive, Conscious & Thankful

are the three values that our artist of this month lives by.

Introducing Tenzin Metok, a Tibetan freelance illustrator based in Mysuru, India who believes in living in a conscious environment by simultaneously doing her bit to spread awareness about the same through her artworks.

VAJOR has always had the vision to bring people on board who grow in and along with the community. Driven by the impeccable artists’ passion with whom we have fraternized with in the past, we bring to you another beautiful collaboration with the most empathetic, resourceful & philosophical artist, Tenzin Metok. Tenzin’s work style is mostly expressing culture through her art. She loves illustrating women in different clothes, especially Tibetan women in traditional Tibetan attires. We joined hands with her to create some cute, gorgeous and adorable stickers for you all. Each sticker symbolizes our core values and is made keeping in mind its aesthetics and reflecting what we truly believe in. We fell in love the moment we saw them and are very excited for you all to receive them too.

Psst, you’ll be receiving these stickers with every VAJOR order you place!

Covid-19 undeniably took a hit on all of us. People had forgotten the simplicity and the true essence of life. As simple as being kind…kind to ourselves, people around us and to the environment.

Some realized the importance of slow living, tried to adapt to it whilst others chose to continue to be a part of the fast-paced world. As a subtle reminder to all our community members (and all people at large), we conceived the idea of the Stickers- You are an Earth Warrior, each one of which is very close to our values and closer to our hearts. The inspiration behind the stickers was as simple as it sounds, to start being kind towards the environment. We don’t want our ecosystem to be overstepped on, we will make sure our stickers remind you of that. These stickers, which you can stick onto almost all your daily items (copper bottles, stationery items, laptops, phone covers), would remind you every now and then to take a small step, one at a time. Our ethics state, moving towards a sustainable Earth one step at a time, conscious and mindful living, inclusivity of all genders, body types & races, our love for all the compassionate furry buddies out there and growing together as a huge Earth-family. We cannot lay more emphasis on Slow Living as a lifestyle. The time to act on it is Now.

Due to the pandemic lingering on still (sigh), we missed the opportunity to meet with her one-on-one. Therefore, we got talking to her in a digital round-table-session kinda way.

Q: Have you always worked as an illustrator?

A: I have worked as a fashion designer for almost three years at Pernia Qureshi Brands and I am currently a freelance artist.

Q: So Tenzin, did you know from the beginning you wanted to be a designer/illustrator?

A: I have always loved making art since the time I can remember. Drawing, doodling and colouring was a big part of my childhood.

Q: What is your inspiration for the artworks you create?

A: My Art is primarily inspired by fashion, nature and our lifestyle. As an artist, I think my work keeps evolving. I am still learning and exploring various mediums. But if I have to describe my work then I’d say it’s quite simple & feminine.

Q: Well, do you resonate with VAJOR? Tell us something about the inspiration behind the stickers.

A: Yes, absolutely! The stickers are inspired by a lot of things I have in common with VAJOR, like the mutual love for earth tones, the values they place in sustainability, feminism, the goodness of flora and fauna, body positivity & just the concept of creating a more positive and inclusive community and growing altogether. The whole idea of slow living and reflecting it by my illustrations got me inspired.

Like the sticker with a girl sitting and meditating tells us to stop, breathe and relax while radiating body positivity and embracing self love.

Another sticker urges us all to use produce bags, you know, it is all the little things & changes which will lead to a bigger impact.

Q: Out of all the six stickers, which one is your favorite?

A: I can’t pick a favourite one. It’s morally wrong to pick a favourite kid amongst all. Yet if I have to choose one, it would be the one that features the cute furry dog and says “My Hooman”. But I really love all of them.

Q: Was it hard or easy for you to create stickers for us?

A: (giggling) I tried finding a common ground between what I personally love illustrating and what resonates with the brand. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I had so much fun designing all the stickers for VAJOR.

Q: What are your thoughts on building a sustainable environment?

A: Regarding sustainability, I think everyone of us can do something to create a positive impact on the environment. We don’t have to go to drastic lengths or change our lifestyle overnight; just simple things like using a bamboo toothbrush or carrying a reusable bag or avoiding plastics when we can. I am still learning and still exploring, after all learning and growing never stops no matter what we do in our small little lives. I wish you the best in your endeavours and hope my work brings a little piece of joy in your lives.

We are elated beyond measure to share little joys like these with our community that we are building. We hope you will love to carry them with you and would love to see you all sharing your pictures with our stickers using our hashtag #EarthWarrior.

Lots of Love,


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