VAJOR HUMANE— Joy of Giving



“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.”



Vajor has always believed in concurring certain sets of values and beliefs. Time and again, Vajor has expressed its love and beliefs towards nature & animals. As a conscious new age brand, we feel very deeply about nurturing & co-existing with our surroundings and aim to be a support to ones who are less blessed and need more of a social upliftment. Our philosophy quite simply is to be a platform for a tribe that nurtures and grows cohesively.

With this spirit we have initiated Vajor Humane. Through our Humane section, we aim to build a sustainable society and give you an opportunity to do your share of good too. The nature has given a lot to its people, it’s time we cater back to the environment. We are trying to build a community of people with similar mindsets— who believe in nurturing nature, making conscious choices everyday for a mindful environment, women empowerment, and social uplifting. We celebrate humanity!

We aim to develop Vajor Humane as a platform where people come together for the ultimate, greater good. It is never too late to do a good deed and so, we urge you to participate. With this intention at heart, we collaborate with many non-governmental organizations who support various causes of animal, women and human welfare. We even share stories on our social media, @vajorhumane, of people who inspire and motivate us to be better human beings, thereby building a better community.

Vajor has been an ardent supporter of loving, caring, paying more attention to our furry buddies and towards the welfare of animals. The brand launched the Humane initiative with the purpose of doing good for the animal kingdom, and humanity at large.

Vajor Humane strives to create an environment with equal love, kindness & compassion towards all kind and not just mankind. It is an attempt to remind us humans, of the friendship & bond we shared with other beings on this planet for centuries and be the voice of voiceless. To make this world a better place for the generations to come and live among kindness and not cruelty!

-With Love,

Vajor Humane, making a real difference.

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