Vajor Hosts- #morethanasize

It was a pleasant winter afternoon and Vajor headquarters was decked up in all its earthy glory. From fairy lights to cozy cushions, a charming pop-up display to a gracious serving of coffee…It was a glorious bohemian affair. All of this since it was the day we had to play warm and welcoming hosts to our lovely community. It was on 17th of December, 2016, that we organised the event “#morethanasize”. #morethanasize was all about addressing body positivity.

Being  Body Positive is not as easy as it may sound, but it is basically loving and most importantly accepting the way your body looks. It is to feel good and comfortable about yourself no matter your size, shape, height, colour and moreover valuing the bodily changes occurring due to age, nature or your own personal choice. It is quite common to struggle with one’s body image, no matter who you are, and here is why Vajor wanted to come upfront towards promoting a positive body image.


The need of the event rose from the current scenario where there is an evident lack of positive body image in the society. Majority of the population is acutely sensitive about the way they look, to be always ‘selfie-ready’, they are constantly thinking about their size, shape and appearances. This is where we felt the need to step in, as we think that every individual is beautiful in their own way. Our Design Department works dedicatedly to create garments that are body-friendly and compliment every woman we cater to.




Our awe-inspiring panel members shared their personal experiences, their struggles along with some practical words of wisdom and supported the cause with great enthusiasm. The panel comprised of:

1) Syna Dehnugara

A journalist, a co-producer, a co-author, and a very well known media personality. She is the Features Editor of CNBC-TV18 and co-author of Young Turks, a book on rising entrepreneurs.

2) Rasna Bhasin


She is the Digital Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Bride India and is an Independent Brand Consultant, Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketer.

3) Nayantara Parikh


She has worked with Zac Posen,Mumford & Sons, Nike, H&M, to name a few. Her photos are causing a ripple effect, as she believes in capturing the true essence of the subject, i.e. in its raw form.

4) Sarah Khan


Currently the creative head at The Salon, Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi, Sarah channelised her energies into writing after trying her stint in fashion design, hairstyling and make-up. This led to a blog that is unapologetic in calling a ‘spade a spade’ and voices her opinions on sensitive social issues related to our society.


It was a delightful feat  to welcome our lovely community members who we have worked with very closely over the past couple of years. And it was heartwarming to add new links to the chain of our community, people who came to support the cause and our efforts! The event not only pushed us to open our minds to a positive attitude towards our bodies, but, it also brought a variety of perspectives to the table. The perspective of the social media savvy, the perspective of the concerned mother, the perspective of the strong survivor and so on.




It is just the beginning… We will be hosting more such events, we will be rounding up more fun activities and we hope to welcome more & more of you onboard our ship. Let’s get this rolling!

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