Vajor Experiences: A Clayful Date!

We have all been fascinated by the art of pottery at some point in our lives. It’s an art-form that brings us closer to earth, to ourselves and to the world of art itself. Truly meditative and therapeutic, pottery is a great practice to relax and unwind from a stressful monotony. And say how it’s relevant in our own lives? Pottery is a great example of how you nurture and build something carefully and delicately just how you nurture your relationships with your loved ones.

This Vajor Artistry Experience was all about an attempt to revive the age old art of pottery while bonding with your loved ones as you both create and nurture something together. The experience gave a chance, to all those who attended and arrived at the event with their loved ones – some with their kids, some with their partners – to co-create with ‘mitti’ as each shape brought out a myriad of nuances unique to that piece. The highlight of the event was the fact that it was ‘pottery without the wheel’.

The fun slab pottery event saw a number of artworks that reflected the creativity and the loving bond that the pairs shared. People made a bunch of objects from coiled bird pots to decorative plates to ashtrays and what not! We saw people bonding over the satisfying art of modelling clay and developing a hobby together. We were expecting more parent-child duos but were delighted to witness a great dynamism in the pairs where people came with their partners and families as well.

The cherry on the cake was the venue of the event – the Greenr Cafe. It screamed earthy and mindful with its bare cement walls, wooden interiors and furniture, planters hanging from the ceiling wherever your eyes land and a Californian kitchen where the ingredients are sourced right from the farm to cook a delicious and consciously vegan menu.

The event ended with everybody taking home with them an inventory filled with fun, insights on pottery and their self-created ‘work of art’ where some took it with them while others opted for getting the artwork baked and delivered to their doorsteps.

We at Vajor drool over mindful, organic, creative experiences to indulge in and more than that, we love curating such experiences for our tribe. Our tribe jumps at a chance to learn a new art form, indulge in an activity that gets the creative juices running while keeping in mind sustainability and following organic practices. Find and be a part of more such enthralling and enriching experiences with Vajor.


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