VAJOR- A Platform for People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership

2020 — the year of the Pandemic, became the period of going back to basics and living life in circumspect. The global outbreak made us realize the importance of the ecosystem, and how not to mess with the fragility of it. Greta Thunberg has a point- we as a species, can no longer afford to make choices that are independent of consequence. People became aware of the choices they made in every aspect of their lives – way of living, spending and eating habits, and in even what they wore, thereby making conscious efforts for sustainable clothing.

Today, fast fashion has a marked impact both on the environment and on buying behavior. But environmental concerns are not all. Deep fault lines are being drawn economically, too. Statistics show that 1% of the world’s population owns over 50% of its wealth while 90% of people share just 15% of its economic rewards. We live in deeply fragmented times and every brand has a responsibility today to participate in sharing this wealth and ‘teaching people how to fish.’

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” 

-Vivienne Westwood

It was high time we came forward, and took the call…the call to transform into a full-fledged lifestyle. The new VAJOR is a destination for all like-minded human beings coming together, showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship under the umbrellas of Conscious Fashion, Home, Personal Care, Art & DIY, All Natural Wellness, Accessories & Experiences. It is a co-commerce platform for small, homegrown artists, brands and entrepreneurs, who share the same values as ours… being mindful and conscious in their work and words. We believe in going local, supporting indegenous and small businesses, and uplifting them to reach new heights.

We are glad to have come this far and are excited to see VAJOR grow and how! We have set out on a fresh journey of mindfulness, and this time, we are not alone! V-Tribe is a platform which encourages entrepreneurs who believe in slow fashion, and conscious lifestyle brands to come and sell alongside us. We feel conscious choices should be made everyday, in all aspects of our lives. We are highly committed to transforming Vajor into a successful, sustainable ecosystem of opportunities. Therefore, if you are a brand that believes in passion, creativity and sustainability, let’s join hands and together we will bring a change!

Think Conscious, Think VAJOR

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