A Travelogue From Vrindavan

A visual journal for people who believe life is too short to be lived in one place, who believe in travelling as much as they can, as far as they can and for as long as they can. This video is a travelogue from a one day journey to and through Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

Capturing all the essential elements and the essence of this old town in a two minute story, the video has one simple motive. To show what a colourful, rich and enlightening experience it can be for anyone who decides to visit this part of India.

Vrindavan is an old, religiously significant and well known part of Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. According to Hinduism it is believed to be the very place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. Hence, the city gets it very flavour from this fact. There are small small spots scattered around town famous for the imprints Krishna left on them. However, with all the religious ties and activities that keep happening around town on a day to day basis, we would like to highlight every other reason there is to visit this place once.

It is the perfect weekend getaway for those who reside in Delhi, NCR and are on the hunt for “non-cliche” travel destinations. It is meant for those who travel to a place for its personality, for its stories and for street food of course. It is not your average touristy spot. It is a place that, amidst its immense chaos, holds the power to bring you enlightenment & peace.

Roam the narrow streets and old city markets to witness some of the most beautiful, rustic, photogenic walls & doors. You are bound to stumble across amusing monkeys everywhere notoriously famous for thievery. There are little street vendors everywhere selling flower garlands, beaded necklaces and locally made little souvenirs.

The street food must-haves are their local sweets. To name a few “peda”, “jalebi”, “barf ka gola”, and “lassi”. Apart from these you can also relish the Indian favourite “poori bhaji”.

Vrindavan has some hidden gem sort of places like old forts & dharamshalas with stunning architectural details and archways. But, the focal of all beauty & life of this city is the Ghats. Settled on the riverbanks of Yamuna the city gets all of its essence from it. You can take a boat ride and witness all of the beauty from a distance. The boats are actually an ideal spot in case you want to watch the “arti” (meaning prayer ceremony).

The people of Vrindavan are quite warm & welcoming… You don’t need a tour guide! It is the place you go to when you need to withdraw from the hustle & noise of the concrete jungles. You need to be a true traveller to enjoy any place. You should merge and adapt to your surroundings and get truly lost.

Hope we inspired you enough to travel to Vrindavan once & to travel more & more altogether!

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