Travelling For All The Right Reasons: Divya Dugar

Our beloved muse, Divya Dugar an avid traveller, recently went on a vacation. But one thing that made her vacation special was the fact that this was Divya’s first ever trip with her dogs, Marco Polo and Tigress. She has been wanting to do so since a very long time now, and finally when she did, we were more than happy to be part of her journey… Below is her experience in her own words.



Once in awhile, you stumble upon a book, where you discover words, sentences, paragraphs that resonate your mind, your life and choices, that’s what happened with me when I bought an aging copy of Nikos Kazatzankis ‘Report to Greco’ from the island of Paros in Greece. There is a tiny paragraph in the book, which more or less defines my idea of being.

“All my life one of my greatest desires has been to travel, to see and touch unknown countries, to swim in unknown seas, to circle the globe, observing new lands, seas, peoples and ideas with insatiable appetite and to see everything for the first and for the last time, to close my eyes and feels the riches deposit themselves inside me.”


Over a period of time, travel for me is more than ticking off a place or visiting a monument, it is more about experiencing a space, interacting with people and to soak in the atmosphere. After years on road, I have learned to slow down and to see things with new and open eyes. Luckily, my work as a journalist and documentary producer gives me an opportunity to go beyond the surface.



When Vajor sent me their beautiful and spacious (as I carry my photography gear all the time) Ikat bag pack and sturdy travel boots, I decided to take them for a month of slow travel. They were my constant companion in Goa (I was on a road trip with my furry family in tow), beautiful hikes around untouched Western Ghats, to a 14th century fort in Rajasthan and an artisan village of Raghurajpur in Orissa.





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