Things to do during Social Distancing!

You’ve got it! We know you’ve been secretly wishing for a long weekend and planning to go on a trip to get that much needed break, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, away from the stress of your 9 to 5, away from all that affects your mental peace. Well, God heard most of us, but put his own conditions. In times of Global Emergency, COVID-19 has given us this unwanted, uncalled for ‘Stay-cation’ of sorts and left many of us feeling a little stir-crazy. It has people staying at home for hours one might not have imagined before, so why not make the most of this time, do the best that we can, and try to be as happy as we can. After all, ‘Summer Holidays’ in adult life can’t be that bad.

1- “Walk” through some of the most prestigious Museums from around the world, or go for a “Ride” at Theme parks or “Experience” the zoo or the aquatic life with the help of Google. It is now offering virtual tours of museums like The Museum of Modern Art, zoos and aquariums like the Atlanta Zoo & Georgia Aquarium, and theme parks like the Walt Disney World! Tick off your bucket list by virtually visiting places you have been dreaming of for a while now.

2- The world is finding ways to cope through boredom, and some of the artists and comedians from around the world have decided to make social distancing a win-win for all of us. Artists like John Legend, Chris Martin, Anna Roisman, and many more are Live Streaming concerts from their homes to not only keep themselves busy but to entertain the world from the comfort of everyone’s homes. 

3- There was never a better time to go listen to that podcast of your favourite influencer you’ve been delaying due to lack of time. They will not only keep you well engaged but also update you on various topics of your choice. 

4- One can never stress enough on the importance of Exercising. And now is all the time you need to get back in shape or just to get your body moving. So whether you’ve been aiming to fit into that old pair of jeans or just been wanting to get more flexible and active, thanks to self-quarantine and fitness influencers, you can now easily make your exercising routines at home more fun.

6- Remember that time when you were in an elevator and you had this intense urge to eavesdrop on that conversation of a Spanish couple? C’mon! We’re all in love with Espanol and how romantic and beautiful it sounds. Why not take to online classes and take that Modern Language Degree to add to your resume. Thank us later!

7- Someone rightly said “Books are a man’s best friend”. And classics are the best picks to start with. Make yourself a nice cuppa or a mocktail, put on some good light music and finish off those books, novels, poetry books you have been buying lately but havent had a chance to complete.

8- Re-organise, Re-decorate or Re-vamp your space & your wardrobe. Sure, we can’t step out of the house to buy new things, but we sure can remodify how our space and closet looks like from what we already possess. Let your creative juices flow and come up with newer outfit options (don’t worry about stepping out, a mirror is all you need!), or ideas to place that wall art in a new way. 

5- Take out that recipe book that has been under the dust for quite some time now and let’s make, bake or create new recipes! With no place to go out to, eating that same dinner for the next week or so might get QUITE monotonous. We suggest you look up some twists and turns to give to older recipes, brush up on your grandmother’s recipes, bake a new cake or just sit back, relax and sip on that new mocktail you made for yourself and your loved one. 

9- Bring back your childhood and take out all those board games, cards, journal notebooks, paints and puzzles to pass your time in the best possible way! Whether you are a child or you have a child, we assure you these activities will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end. It’s time to feel nostalgia around those school summer vacations.  

10- Pick up the phone, but not to Netflix and Chill but to phone your friends and family members. You can easily “host” a party without having to gather at a single place by inviting people over video calling. Or you can just have hours of conversations with your loved ones you haven’t had time to speak with in a while. 

Let’s not crib and feel bummed about COVID-19, self-quarantine can be seen as a blessing in disguise to do all that you have been wanting to do while staying at home. Lets spread more happiness, positivity and love towards each other and make the most of staying at home. It won’t be long till we are back on track with our busy schedules, till then, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! 

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