#canvasforyourart : From The Forest (Theme 1)

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘From the Forest’…?

When we think of forest, immediately our minds are surrounded and filled with visuals of greenery, with tall dense trees, flowing crystal clear rivers, chirping of the birds in rhythm with the sounds and noises of other animals and of course, the lovely sighting of flora… Our theme ‘From the Forest’ for the art contest ‘A Canvas for Your Art’, calls out artist to convey what this theme means to them personally. For all we know, it could totally do away and stray from the nature aspect and take entirely a new meaning of its own. A mind filled with powerful thoughts let’s say… Someone might look at the theme from the perspective of colours, someone might just see shapes, while someone might choose to work with a certain medium, there might be someone who can only think of relatable strong lines beautifully written on a canvas…

But then hey! It’s totally and absolutely up to you how you wish to express your emotions, thoughts and creativity to communicate what ‘From the Forest’ means to YOU. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity. Be it a phrase, a collage, a sketch, a painting or just an abstract, go ahead and interpret all you want to, after all no one can take the meaning away from your rendition… 


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