The Yoga Mom: Ashwini Hardikar

A mother of two independent, talented and passionate daughters, Ashwini is a yoga instructor herself full of good spirits and positivity. She loves to travel, clean and keep things organized. We asked Wini some fun questions where she admits to worshiping Dr. Spock, going on a wine-tasting tour when she was pregnant and how she has a beautiful relationship with her two daughters.

Q. What is the most whimsical thing you did before you had your daughter?

Well, now that I think about it, it seems funny. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was really careful about what I ate and drank. And then I was travelling in the last month and that’s where I did all the don’ts which I so carefully avoided for 8 months. I went on a wine tasting spree! Haha! I went through an X-ray machine which was a big no-no. I got really scared and panicked when I realized what I’d been doing but my doctor took the edge off and said it wasn’t a big deal and that one glass of wine wouldn’t hurt. For all the months I was good and followed everything and then in the last month, I completely went berserk.

Q. Who do you go to for advice on parenting if you ever need any?

I needed advice when the kids were little. So there was this book on child care by Dr. Spock which I usually referred to. It was my bible! My mother used to give me insights but I was so sold on this book that I used to shake them off saying “No, Dr. Spock says this…”. And it was the time with no internet so we used to have parenting support groups and I used to attend one of those.

Q. What do you love most about your relationship with your daughters?

Both of my kids are daughters. So we share a very nice bond. My husband probably feels left out because of that. Haha! Anyway, what I mean is that now our relationship is like a trio of best friends. But at the same time, they also don’t overstep their freedom. We are very candid with each other but I can still yell at them, tell them things and they would still listen.

Q. Is there anything that you keep in mind from your own relationship with your parents when you’re dealing with your own daughters?

Of course. There were a lot of things I couldn’t share with my mom. There was always a friendly relationship but the authority was also there. Also, I just never tell my daughters to simply do something or not. I give them rationale and reasons for any advice that I ask them to follow.

Q. What is the hardest and the best thing about being a mom?

It is the best thing that has happened to me and no other joy can beat that. I would do it again if I could. And the hardest thing is of course to let go. You obviously love the fact that they evolve into independent, confident individuals but to realize that they want you but don’t need you anymore is hard to accept. You liked the feeling that they used to run to you for every little thing but now it’s not like that.

A duo of talent and confidence, Anushka and Priyanka are two women who absolutely love their mother’s company and not only groove on her weirdness but proudly become a part of it. In a fun interview, they tell us how their mom shuns their unhealthy eating habits as we find out what fictional characters fit her personality.

Q. Is there an incident when your Mom got you out of trouble when you least expected her to help you out?

ANUSHKA: About two years ago, I was going through a really bad phase and I was diagnosed with depression. Even though my parents are very liberal, I was really uncertain about how they would react to something like that. The first conversation I had was with my mother. She was surprisingly very supportive and was with me throughout. So that was one of the times that she really caught me off guard with her support.

PRIYANKA: You know how when you’re a young girl, you’re scared to tell your mom about your dating life. So I told my mother about this man and I was really unsure about what her reaction will be. But surprisingly she was my biggest support and I am married to that man today.

Q. What is the one thing that when you hear, you’d know that it is your Mom?

ANUSHKA: Haha! My mother is a yoga practitioner and a fitness trainer. So, whenever I feel that I am going around eating unnecessary and unhealthy stuff, my mom’s voice rings in my head saying, “are you sure you want to eat that?”

PRIYANKA: So over the years, there have been a lot of nicknames that have come up and nobody close to me calls me by my full name. But when my mother is really angry, she calls me out by my full name. And that’s when I know it’s her yelling! Haha

Q.What do you love most about your relationship with your mom?

ANUSHKA: I think I love how silly I can be with and around her. I know how cliched this might sound that she’s my best friend but we literally behave like friends around each other. We wrestle, pretend to be characters from movies and so much more.

PRIYANKA: I think my relationship with my mom has evolved over time. She has always tried to be a friend to us, made sure that we can approach her with anything. But she’s also been strict where she needed to be to show us what’s right and wrong. So I think she balanced that out really well. And now that I have grown older, she’s that one person who I can talk to about anything and everything and for me that’s the best part about my relationship with her.

Q. What makes you proud of her?

ANUSHKA: My mother was always invested in my sister and I when we were growing up. My father comes from a hotel management background so my mother put her career and her passion aside because she knew that our father had a hectic schedule and could not be home. She made us a priority. And after all these years, she is now living her passion. She is a full time yoga teacher and I am completely in awe of how she can handle so many tasks and all of them so well!

PRIYANKA: She has really done the best job of raising us. And she has pursued her own career as a yoga teacher. She manages everything so well and takes multitasking to another level. She manages to keep everyone happy and still does what she wants.

Q. What do you think your Mom does when you’re not around which she otherwise wouldn’t?

ANUSHKA: From how well I know her, she’s super weird. So I have a feeling that she probably sings, dances, has conversations with herself and exists as her weird self when nobody’s around. Also, I think she cleans out every nook and corner of my room when I am not around despite the fact that I don’t like it.

PRIYANKA: When nobody’s around, my mom just gets time to chill, relax and spend time with herself. She does not have to cater to everyone and gets to do what she wants.

Q. Is there a bucket-list thing you’d like to do with your mom?

ANUSHKA: Can you believe she has done bungee jumping and I have not? So yeah, I would like to do that with her. Also, we want to do a girls’ road trip, the three of us, possibly in Europe!

PRIYANKA: My mom has done a trek into the Himalayas. And it has always been on my bucket list to go with her. So I think that’s what I would love to check off my list with her.

Q. If you’re mom was a fictional character, who would she be?

ANUSHKA: “Elastic Girl” from the The Incredibles.

PRIYANKA: “Monica” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Q. Is there anything that you will implement or keep in mind from your own relationship with your mom when dealing with your own kid in the future?

ANUSHKA: Our mother always explained things to us and gave us reasons for everything. There were rules but they weren’t blindly forced on us for no reason. It was never like ‘ you should do this because I told you to”. I think this is something that I would definitely take with me.

PRIYANKA: The way she has maintained her relationships with my sister and I and how it has evolved over time. I will keep in mind how we have become such great friends as I grew older.

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