As an e-commerce brand that caters to a Pan-India consumer base, it is a no-brainer that Vajor products are curated keeping in mind the different wants of our varied clientele. We, as a brand, are aware of the requirements & concerns our consumers have and provide them with a platform that is trustworthy and fashion that complements their style aesthetics.

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In today’s world, fashion is an important aspect of our lives – everyone is style conscious and trend savvy. But, what present-day fashion lacks are real images of real-life people in their real beings. We understand the daily struggles one faces with accepting their body in its natural, unedited version. And, that is why Vajor, as a brand and as human beings, make conscious efforts to spread body positivity around like confetti. As a brand, we strive to provide collections that have the fluidity to celebrate not just a handful, but a myriad of body types. We organize events that reflect our beliefs and talk about issues our community faces – be it social causes, personal matters, or other concerns. By associating with such projects, Vajor aims to make a difference for the better.


One of our recent projects that relates itself to body positivity is the Vajor Style Over, that was done in collaboration with Gurgaon Moms. Vajor asked a group of women if they felt the need of a makeover, and if so, why. On the basis of their answers, we singled out two women in their 40s which faced similar issues related to their style. The reason common to both these women for wanting a makeover was to redefine fashion according to their bodies. They wanted to find a look according to their ease. They wanted to experiment with their style but couldn’t step out of their comfort zone, and this is where Vajor stepped in – to help these women celebrate the uniqueness their personalities are, instead of hiding it. This Style-Over was not about a drastic “before & after” transformation; we do not aim at changing any woman entirely. It was about magnifying and putting a spotlight on the gorgeous personality she already has.


Vajor is pro body positivity, it always has been. And to support this belief of ours, we will continue to host such events that will not just bring our community closer but will also allow us to empower others, and ourselves.

Discover the style makeover journey of these women, and the part Vajor played in it.

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