The Two Sides Of A Coin…

The world makes everything in twos… Night and day, light and dark, sky and ocean, yin and yang. They are coexisting, not one without the other. Even a coin has two sides. In a very similar fashion, there is another you. Your twin, not biological necessarily. Not even remotely similar to you… Your mismatched personalities work like the two poles of a magnet.

No matter how introverted, or for that matter, extroverted you are, everyone has that one number on their speed dial! And now that we have listed so many metaphors for the two of you, we hope it was not in vain. Yes, we are talking about the goof you are picturing mentally this very instant. The one you’ll have to kill if gone rogue… They have all your little secrets, know you in and out, all your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses and the ones who never forget to take benefit of being so close to you (that tease, right!).

Hence, when we decided to build a story around our two tops from Earthy Quirk, they became the very embodiment of the concept of true friendship. Contrasting to the bones, yet magical when put together! These photographs are a visual “hats off” to the two of you…











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