The Muse Collection- By You, For You

Our latest ‘The Muse Collection- By You, For You’ is a collaboration, where we closely worked with three women who are as inspirational and motivational as you are. The collection is packed with dresses, pants, shirts & tops, skirts, jackets and much more that cater to every individual woman out there…

We wanted to understand what our consumers liked to wear, and hence, to get to know more deeply about what you really need and desire, we decided to collaborate with three women who are as real as you are. Our design experts worked closely with these three women, who then came up with silhouettes and garments that were not only in-trend but also helped us create this collection more meaningful than ever.

The three women that we decided to work with, not only hail from different professional backgrounds, but from different lifestyles, have their own individualistic sense of style, have different body shapes and sizes along with having a unique perspective on what a wardrobe essential necessarily is. These three women are:

Syna Dehnugara- Journalist & TV Producer



Syna is a talented senior journalist at a renowned TV network. Syna has co-created clothing that will have a long life in your wardrobe without compromising on the aesthetics. These outfits are upcycled with minimal wastage and are an example of function over form.

Shweta Mukherjee- Photographer



A charming woman and an accomplished photographer, Shweta’s energy radiates from her lovely ensembles. She has helped us understand and develop silhouettes that suit the prominent segment of petite Indian body-types that are quite hard to find nowadays even in popular brands around us.

Ena Bansal- Digital Marketing Head



An experienced corporate professional, Ena brings in a lot of perspectives when it comes to the wardrobe of working women. Comfort and modesty being her top priorities, she has co-created outfits that beat the mundane and boring and cater to a majority of Indian independent working women who like to dress up in style but stay within their modest boundaries.

An ode to every woman out there, The Muse Collection has been a memorable one. Buy dresses online in India like mini or maxi dresses, culottes, jumpsuits and so much more from


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