The Footwear Checklist for the Season

“Shoes are works of art made for walking”. We applaud the person who said these noble words. Shoes are without a doubt works of art made for us to wear. Think of a style or a shape and it will already be out there doing its round in some stores… And just like any other work of art, that is never the same, footwear trends keep changing with time and we are glad the options are endless. As the winter approaches and you are left with throes of in-between confusing weather, where you can’t decide what to wear on your feet, we provide you with a list that will calm down the freaky little shoe-fetish monster inside and put an end to your winter woes…

From studded loafers in earthy colours that’ll bring a little edge to your outfit, to bright cute mules you can readily slip your foot into. From bold suede army boots to add to your casual look, to warm and comfy uggs you can wear the entire day… Scroll on to take your pick for the season.


Studded mules are here to take your breath away with hues that can easily be paired with almost everything…


Embroidered ankle-length boots with block heels can never go out of style.


These chunky loafers in warm tones are here to make your work-wear look much better.


A casual Sunday brunch or a relaxed day at work, these studded beauties will complement any outfit effortlessly.


Make a bold statement with these uber stylish pair of patch-boots that are definitely going to make some heads turn.


Velvet, mules and pompoms. All things good together in one place.


Prettiest and the most cozy Uggs are these right here with eye-catching embroidery on them.

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