The Fit Mom: Natasha Saxena

For a mother of one, it often gets difficult to find and even balance time between their passion and their motherhood. But definitely not for Natasha Saxena, who holds the title ‘National Deadlift Champion 2018’ against her name. A ‘Master Trainer’ who’s done her training in Australia, Saxena started working out to lose her pregnancy fat and that’s how she got into fitness and eventually became a fitness trainer, who beautifully manages her time between her passion and motherhood, so much so, that her proud son often asks if on day she could “lift the Earth as well…”

Q. How do you balance between your motherhood and your fitness schedule?

It is challenging from time to time. But I feel that one could just fit anything and everything into their schedule if they have a passion to pursue that, so I love being a mum as much as I love being a fitness trainer. And when my son goes to the school that’s the time I have a few hours, so by the time he’s back, I have a lot of time to train myself and other people. After that, he has all my time.

Q. What is the funniest thing that you did before you had a child?

My sister and I keep playing pranks on each other and the last funniest thing I remember is that I put talcum powder in her blow dry… She was all dressed up to go for a party and as soon as she switched on the blow dry, all the powder was on her! She got really angry because she had to get ready again but I found it really funny… (laughs uncontrollably)

Q. Who do you go to for advice on parenting if you need any?

My mum for sure, who is my best friend! Since childhood, we have had that best friend kind of relationship. She’s always given me the freedom to take my own decisions, discuss things with her openly, so she’s the one.

Q. What do you love the most about your relationship with your child?

I think the best part is that he’s my biggest cheerleader and whenever I have won titles and medals and come back home after that, I see that glow in his eyes! That he’s so happy and proud of me… Sometimes he asks me “mum you’re so strong, can you lift the earth also?” and I am like “yea, I mean, maybe one day…”, that makes me really happy.

Q. Things that you implement or keep in mind from your own relationship with your parents when dealing with your child?

As I said my mum was my best friend and so was my dad, they are super chilled out and always gave me the freedom and space to take my own decisions but yea, they also taught me that with freedom comes a lot of responsibility, and not that I can do anything. And that’s the kind of relationship I want to keep with my son. I want to be his friend and guide and he should have the freedom to take his own decisions. To be able to talk to me about anything and everything but with a sense of responsibility.

Q. What’s the hardest and the best thing about being a mom?

The hardest thing is to juggle time between being there for him plus following my passion for fitness, especially during competitions when I have to be at the gym both morning and evening. And for good 10-12 days I am not able to spend time with him… That makes me feel guilty but then I know I have to follow my passion, it is important for me. But sure that missing out gets compensated during the remaining set of days. The best thing is all the love, hugs and kisses that I get and the fact that he’s so proud of me all the time…

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