Take A Dip In Colors…

Every time the season changes, leaving the winter dullness behind to welcome the bright chirpy spring, it gives us a stark reminder how very crucial colors are to our mood. In the gloomy chill of winters, one tends to laze around more as if we are in a natural cycle of hibernation (at least that’s what happens to us). Hence, the onset of spring is a huge celebration of colors, happiness and everything bright. India, in fact, joins the nature in its celebration and the major festival Holi welcomes the blooming season with open arms.




Hence, it is only fair that we too make our contributions to help your wardrobes get in sync with the scenery outside! Our newly arrived color dipped shirts are exactly what you need to make that effortless shift between seasons. A lovely, warm and melodious mix of colors is crafted into comfortable shirts and tunics that you can wear day in and day out. Combine them with you jeans or skirts even to create gorgeous street style looks under a minute. Moreover, the dip-dye technique is a major trend these days when it comes to women’s fashion.

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