With summers in full swing, it is the best time to go out and enjoy the broad daylight. Synonymous to fun and frolic, summertime is when vacations happen. And in that same spirit, we carefully stylize our holiday wardrobes by including pieces that are delightful, vivid, and full of color, complementing the dazzling sun.


But, it isn’t just the apparel that makes our tropical looks perfect for the insta-worthy getaways. Careful accessorizing is the secret weapon that takes our ensemble to the next level. For the season of the sun, the most important accessories are, without a doubt, sunglasses. It is our favorite pair of sunnies that we use and love the most in the sunniest of days.


Vajor has curated a collection of sunglasses in a myriad of trends, with a perfect pick for every occasion. Featuring all the latest frame styles, Vajor sunglasses come in every shape and size you could lust after – round edges, cat-eyes, aviators, oversized lenses, retro styles, chunky, patterned frames and many more. There is a suitable shape for everyone.


These sunglasses come in a rainbow of shades, offering you designs that pair up with all your summer affairs. Be it pastel-tinted, clear, metallic reflectors, or classic blackened lenses, the hues add on to the overall look and enhance it. Select your choice out of our wide range. To have fun even in the brightest of days, a pair of Vajor sunglasses is exactly what you need.


Don’t let the glare in your eyes stop your fun under the summer sun. Take your pick from our versatile range of dapper sunglasses, available right now only at

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