Style your Bedroom with Vajor

No matter how far you go from home, how many places you visit and how long you’ve been away for… Coming home is the nicest feeling. And that home should be a reflection of you, a place that is an extension of your personality. A home that speaks comfort without looking mainstream… Vajor has recently launched a new range of exciting Home Decor products since we know how tiresome it can be to search for the perfect home decor online. Hence, we’ve put together some different looks to make decorating easier for you.

A major element of the Decor collection this time is tapestries. Tapestries effortlessly kick out boring from any space. There are embroidered cushion covers, one-of-a-kind animal heads, intricate wall arts, etc. When it comes to decorating, no rules apply! It is your space and it should look exactly how you want it to! So, maintain a balance or not, stay muted or go bold & bright, it’s your call! See some visual examples of what we created with the new arrivals below:

Ceramic Blue Tapestry


Black & White Tapestry 


Sea- Green Tapestry 


Paisley Blue Tapestry 


To know more details about the Decor segment and its products, contact Vajor’s efficient Customer Service.

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