Pawsome Bonding Time Ideas With Your Poodle

One should never underestimate the power of a sloppy kiss and a wagging tail on a bad day. These pooches just fill our heart without even trying. Bonding with your dog is just as important for your relationship as any other relationship you have, human or otherwise. Spending some one-on-one time with your fur babe should be one of your top priorities. You can always start these fun sessions with just taking your dog along for some get-together and because socializing is, of course, good for the both of you too! It feels good to be surrounded by human and furry canine friends.

So, let’s hop on for some amazing doggy-date ideas!

Let’s Do Some Fun While Gardening: Gardening can be relaxing for everyone involved especially if your dog loves to dig. Have them help you dig a hole for a new plant or build them a separate play area. They will love this bonding time and they for sure will enjoy the extra attention you have been showering on them. You can also combine this activity with some fun games like flirt pole. A flirt pole (also called a flirt stick) is a long pole with a rope attached to the end. On the end of that rope is a lure that’s used to entice your dog to chase. Flirt poles provide great exercise and they’re mentally stimulating and could be a great activity to bond over.



Let’s Just Cuddle Up For Some Massage:  When it comes to bonding with a new dog it’s hard to go wrong with just spending some quality one on one time chilling out together. Invite your dog up onto the couch with you for some cuddle time, or get down onto the ground and invite your dog over to show off your doggie massage techniques.




Feed Them With Food And Lots Of Love: Hand feeding your dog is simply feeding your dog out of your hand, and it’s especially useful for shy or fearful dogs. It’s an exercise that will build trust between you and your dog, and it’s a good way to start strengthening that bond. Each dog is different, and they each come with their own experiences and personalities. Your dog might start to settle in and bond with you in an hour, or it may take months.




All It Takes Is Love And A Lot Of Patient: Give your new dog some time, consistency, a steady schedule, and his own space and he’ll start to feel settled in his new environment. Stay positive and be patient; your new dog will be your best friend before you know it.



After all these exercises, soon your home would be filled with happy drools, cuddles, wagging tales and a paw to hold on for life 🙂

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