Shooting With Our CCO (Blooper)

We are always coming up with interesting concepts, stories and elements to incorporate in our editorial shoots. The visuals that we create are a reflection of what the collection is trying to say. We have worked with models, locations, props and what not to achieve that perfect flavour… This time around, the mood of our Earth Route collection was laid back, cozy and lively.

So for this shoot, in order to make it more fun and cuddly we brought in our C.C.O. aka Chief Cuddling Officer. Nothing and no one could have set the mood better than our furry buddy! But, as it turns out he wasn’t interested in the shoot at all. No amount of play, food and love offerings seemed to help. The ball of bustling energy was simply not in the mood to strike a pose. Just when we were racking our brains to hike his interest, he proved how very easy it was!

The sonny boy that he is was literally up on his toes as the girls walked in! 🙂

He was wagging his tail, jumping with glee and was up to all his charming antics within seconds. And he was putting up this show simply to get the kisses and cuddles flowing. What followed was an immensely playful and fun shoot with the gang! The models were charmed with our C.C.O’s adorable attitude. Our pooch brought high levels of excitement and energy to the entire room. It was our most spirited and jolly shoot so far! Do check out our new Earth Root collection for it reflects innocence, love and is too wonderfully grounded!!

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