Setting Up Your Table For This Festive Dinner

The dining area, the dinner table to be precise, is one of the most crucial and attention seeking part of our homes during any festival or special occasion. And October, being the month of festivities, prompted us to give you some inspiration to host a lovely dinner right at home.


To begin with, the most essential accessory for your table setup is the table linen. We suggest that in sync with your celebratory mood, choose something colourful & in a warm colour palette. It will instantly brighten up your dining area and give it a welcoming feel. Our Ecstatic Runner & Table Mat Set would be ideal for to give your Festive Dinner everything it needs.


Next comes the dinnerware… A set of bowls with contemporary Indian prints and bright coasters will complete the look of your table effortlessly.


In the end, add a center piece, some fresh flowers would be a good idea. And be graceful as you accept all the compliments that you are bound to be showered with. Plan that dinner with now!

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