#Self-Love: Neha Sudan

From swirling in the corridors of a beautiful palace, walking along the narrow aisles of the Hawa Mahal to having visited over 18 countries so far, Neha Sudan is living her passion and doing things most of us can only dream of. ”Travel is my therapy.”,says Neha, who along with her husband, runs the famous Instagram handle – “Breathtaking Postcards”.


Neha and her best friend, who also happens to be her husband realised their shared love and passion for travelling and that is when they decided to start their Instagram handle which now has over 30k followers. ”My husband always liked clicking beautiful pictures and I was so much into writing. It seemed like the perfect amalgamation for Breathtaking Postcards.”

Contrary to popular view where people are usually fatigued and tired when they get back from their travels, Neha and her husband find travelling profoundly therapeutic. ”I think I am the most energised and pumped up when I get back from my travels. It is because I come back with so many stories and so many experiences, good and bad, to share. And all of that really charges me up for the days to come.”



Neha loves to read. “I always carry a book with me when I travel. It helps me get to know about the different cultures and more about the place I am about to explore!” She loves to read autobiographies as well. Apart from being an avid reader, cooking delicious Indian food is another one of her self indulgences.

Being an Instagram celebrity herself, Neha points out how one must not compare their lives with someone’s Instagram account. She stimulates the artist in us by calling out to everyone to put forward their ideas on the plate. “Don’t keep your ideas and creativity to yourself. It’s not always that people will accept what you do or write but it’s important that it is out there.”

Talking about self-love, she says,”Do what you love. Be kind. If you are kind, the universe will reciprocate in the same way. And it is essential to be happy and content from the inside. Love yourself in a way that when you wake up everyday and look at yourself in the mirror, you feel proud of yourself!”

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