Revamping the Basic

The basic white shirt! It would be apt to call it omnipresent. It’s versatile, it’s easy to style, it’s super chic and it’s a can’t-live-without. Everyone should have one in their wardrobe and in case you don’t, here is a little motivation for you…

Following are various looks put together with the help of a basic white shirt…

Paired with a hounds-tooth print culottes and minimal pieces of jewelry… Perfect for work! Instead of neatly tucking it in, try knotting the ends loosely for a change.

image (32)

image (31)

Tucked in an elaborate Aztec maxi skirt with a statement necklace under the collar and a big file bag… The easiest, most comfortable Saturday night look!

image (30)

image (29)

image (28)

Paired with a layered ceramic print palazzo, a beaded clutch and statement silver rings… The most soothing outfit for a brunch look this season. Layer it further with a pastel blue jacket to heighten the elegance of your look!

image (27)

image (26)

So, if you have a white buttondown and you have been wondering on what new you can do with it, hope this gave you a few ideas. In case you don’t own one, hope we inspired you to buy one ASAP!

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