Prints And Conversations

“You’re walking down a crowded road surrounded by a swarm of people. Someone is approaching from the other side. She’s wearing a shirt. A yummy shirt with a print that exhibits a myriad of colors. A quirky print that catches your eye. As she moves closer, you notice she’s wearing a million little oranges on her. You love oranges. You love how she stands out and you spot her out of all the other ordinary people. And there’s a sudden connection you feel. You want to go talk to her. You want to start a conversation.”

We, at Vajor, know how to appreciate a good print. Whether it means wearing a dreamy floral one, flaunting a flashy Hawaiin one or ‘going bananas’ over a yummy fruit print!

‘Talking’ about conversational prints! While the internet tells us that a conversational print is one that displays a recognizable picture on it. For us, prints are all about starting and stirring conversations. After the print’s inception in the artist’s head, it travels to the artist’s journal or sketchbook before it finally steps on a garment.

There is a lot more that goes into it than what meets the eye before the final printed garment sees the daylight. We have in-house artists who create these prints by hand as they paint their stories in watercolors and gouache techniques. These prints are then digitally created by another team of talent before they take their place on your beloved dresses and shirts.

From fresh and flirty botanical/nature themed to citrusy/tangy fruits to your favourite animal or bird, every print tells a story about itself, the artist and the person who chooses to wear it.”

We introduced a collection of our most delightful prints that were created straight out of an artist’s prized journal. Check out this fun video where our tribe wears their favourite prints from our collection as they talk and share fun anecdotes, what they love about the prints they’re wearing and what does their dream print look like in their head. Wear one of these as you sip some wine in some corner bistro waiting for someone to start a conversation with you!

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