Perfect Heels To Kick-Off Your Work-wear Blues

Choosing a perfect pair of shoes for your office is crucial as well as vital. Workwear shoes must be comfortable from 9am breakfast runs to 9pm pub crawls and this transition must look supremely chic for at least 8-10 hours everyday. It’s not just about depicting your personal style, your work shoes are more about reflecting your professional, confident and the ready-to-conquer side.

A passionate, independent woman who is always on the go needs shoes that can support her hustle. Her work takes her places from dusk till dawn. If nothing else, she values her style enough to not compromise on it just because she’ll be at her desk all day. Block-heels are becoming a popular choice for work-wear these days. The popularity has reasonable backing too a little elevation without the wobble of a kitten heel, especially when rendered in cushioned soles (softest on your feet) and with some sort of ankle or Mary Jane strap (to keep your feet cosy and in place) creates the triumvirate of a successful work shoe. With the torrential downpours across the country, the material being used in your heels  must be able to skip over the puddles otherwise the mess caused can ruin your whole day at work.

A perfect pair of shoes can take you places in a jiffy. When you feel comfortable in your shoes, that feeling pours you with a newfound confidence. One can easily identify wobbly feet stance among the confident stances caused by your heels.




This is when Cape & Cloth comes into the picture, a dedicatedly work-wear brand, scattering equal light on every element that makes a perfect work-wear ensemble, be it a pair of perfect heels covering every aspect that matters without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality.

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