Organic Colours for Holi – DIY

Holi being the most energetic and widely spread festival across india, and now even in other countries is loved and enjoyed for the amount of colours and happiness it bring to our lives. It’s the perfect transition from the gloomy chilly winters to the bright warm spring season… Moreover, what better way to play Holi, other than by making the colours at Home! Saves money, takes a bit of your time, and in return it wont spoil your or anybody’s skin and leave you with a lot of memories…

Read below to find out how to make Organic colours for Holi:

YellowA colour that bring brightness to you face is Yellow. You can use gram flour or turmeric, along with some fuller’s earth or talcum powder to give your face a natural glow. You can even dry some flowers like Marigold or Yellow Crysanthemums, crush them to powder mixed with gram flour to get the required shade…


Green— This Holi, give other and your hair a reason to thank you, by using Mehendi powder mixed with equal amount of any flour to get a lovely Green shade! Finely powdered leaves of Gulmohur tree can also be used to obtain the green colour. The Wet mehendi will leave a slight colour on your face and thus serves the purpose of pacca/fast colour…


Red–The vibrancy of colour Red, that makes the whole setting alive, can be found in alot of things like Red Sandal Wood Powder which is extremely beneficial for skin, or Hibiscus flowers or even from Sindoor (Annato). Mix the crushed residue with any flour and you are good to go!


Blue–Everyone needs a little dark colour to smear it onto other’s face, but when you have the chance to make that person happy and welcoming about it, why resort to chemical means… Have fun with dark colours by using dry Jacarnda or Blue Hibiscus flowers to get the Blue colour you want!


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