No Place Like Home- VAJOR’S First Clubhouse Event with Earth Day India

“Earth is going to survive, we should save our own existence.”

-Karuna Singh, Regional Director Asia & Country Director, India Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day dates back to 1970, when it was first acknowledged in the United States by activist Denis Hayes. In 1990, Earth Day became global, lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. Since then, it has become an annual affair. The whole Earth is a network- Everything, and everyone is connected. The Covid-19 pandemic gave us time to reflect on the pressure we created on Mother Earth and going with this year’s Earth Day’s theme, Restore the Earth, Vajor hosted its very first room on the Clubhouse application in collaboration with Earth day India to mark the celebration of the same. While we have a community which is so mindful & conscious, we thought of bringing them in the same room & discuss stories, inspire & get inspired by sharing & educating from individuals who are making a difference in their lives while enabling the society to bring small mindful changes for helping restore the earth.

Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat application where people host virtual rooms for live discussions, with opportunities for individuals to participate through speaking and listening. It is a type of social product based on voice allowing people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.

Our theme for the discussion was, No Place Like Home – This Earth Day, lets restore Earth.

The panel consisted of eclectic national and international speakers with great dispositions. All of them believe in collectively making the Earth a better place to live in by making constant sustainable choices. The moderator of the event was Kunal Mandal, Entrepreneur and Youth 2030 Ambassador for UN SDGs. The speakers were as follows-

  • -Karuna Singh, Regional Director Asia, Earth Day
  • -Mansi Mahajan, Wellness Advocate & Founder, House of Kapaali
  • -Anamika Sengupta, Founder Almitra Sustainables
  • -Kunal Sood, Founder of #Wethepeople
  • -Sara Miltenberg, CEO RSTR & Sustainability Consultant
  • -Nathasha Kumar, Co-Founder, Vajor & Asort

Everyone talked about their journey and anecdotes from their personal lives as to how they are working towards bringing a change in their everyday lives. The discourse of the conversation started from Consumption and Production of sustainable goods which are healthier for the masses as well as the environment, to Inclusivity, Partnering and Collaborating, thereby Restoring the quality of life we are living. Where people talk about going all sustainable and preaching mindful and conscious living as a whole, somewhere the gap between the ideals and the actions falls behind. Our conversationalists ideated experiences as how to take baby steps towards the journey of sustainability. A little act, as simple as fixing the leaking tap or picking up trash from the road, counts. Even the smallest actions make bigger changes. Even though we are working at a pace that is slow, yet what matters is taking a step towards the ultimate desired goal.

Perspective is an important factor when it comes to creating awareness about sustainability. As Nathasha said, “It is not about the planet, it is about the people. It is the people’s mindset that needs to be accelerated.” We have to start looking at environmental concerns with a positive and exciting approach. Talking about sustainability, supporting rural businesses and homegrown artisans is what comes into recognition. Encouraging collaborations with like-minded people to build a better community is what Nathasha and Kunal laid emphasis on.

“We really have to bring the idea of how saving the environment is stylish, important & necessary but it has to happen now. It takes a ton of collaboration & letting go of ego.”

-Kunal Sood, Founder at #WeThePlanet & #XFellows

The interactive session came to an end with Mansi Mahajan, founder House of Kapaali & Manastè advocating the importance of how we should first align our mind and body spiritually, which will automatically help restore our Earth. She even carried out keeping in mind the status quo, a breathing exercise for all the people in the room, including the speakers and the audience to indulge in, and release stress.

We thank and extend our gratitude to all the speakers and everyone who were a part of our first Clubhouse Event and contributed to making the evening a memorable one. We are going to conduct similar events in the future, you can connect with us on @vajorhumane @vajor to know more about it. Stay in touch with us if you want to be a part of it in the future. Let’s bring a change and continue this movement, together.

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