New In Community: Mamta Sharma Das

Our new community member Mamta Sharma Das, better known as Bohobaalika is a fashion blogger and creative stylist and she is immensely in love with her contrasting cultural upbringing .She is a proud mother of a 3 yrs. Old. She believes it was motherhood that have bought all these zesty colors to her life. In her quest of recording every moment of her transition as a mother she started her blog as a journal  and since then it has captured every horizon of her life, from fashion,culture and aesthetic living to good health!

She lived by all those majestic stories from her childhood and it helped her to connect better with her culture, enriched with fabric,texture and heritage. A hoarder of Frida Kahlo and being a hipster mamma by choice is what define her the best. She talks about how self acceptance and self love is above everything else and following your passion is a must, no matter how unbelievable it may sound in the beginning.

Let’s all welcome her to our #Vajorcommunity with open arms and a warm heart.


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