Muse: Syna Dehnugara

Syna is a talented senior journalist and a TV producer who likes to keep comfort at the top priority. With a professional background like Syna, where there is a constant need to look good in front of the camera, Syna’s idea of dressing up was to keep comfort levels high. She wanted to create garments that had a multi-purpose usage, and were quite effortless.

A firm believer of upcycling and reducing wastage, her collection comprises of garments that are more of an investment to the wardrobe…She has co-created clothing that has a long life, speak for their quality, are sustainable and yet have a high functionality. From a statement reversible jacket to multi-utility dresses, Syna’s collections is every woman’s need!

The key garments from Syna’s collection that you would love to lay your hands on is this lovely Fuchsia Midi Dress, Botanical Pocket Print Dress and Bright Reversible Jacket.




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