Muse: Pavithra Chari

Our muse Pavithra Chari, a Delhi-based vocalist, composer and music educator. Pavithra, being a forensic and CID certified expressive arts therapist, understands the healing power that art poses. Her idea of music is beyond  the prospect of just a performance, she takes it as a mean to connect, communicate and empower. She is the one-half of critically acclaimed duo Shadow and Light.

Pavitra says that the credit for her timely exposure to  music goes to her mother and her sense of art.

When she was talking about her early days with music, her gratitude towards her gurus was uncanny, She started her formal music training at the tender age of 4 under Shri Satyanarayan Maharana. she said “ He is a wonderful human being, even though he was training me in hindustani classical music, He allowed me the freedom to explore beyond my age and i am very grateful for that ”.

When Pavithra was getting trained as a musician, she started getting fascinated towards Bharatnatyam. Again her mother took her interest to a serious consideration and now she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. Quoting her words “ Bharatnatyam is a very challenging dance form, just the way its done its very painful physically to start with i took the training upon and i was very patience while understanding how the craft works”.

Pavithra got selected as one of the 25 member for this year’s one beat fellowship. When being asked she got very excited and said  “OneBeat brings together emerging musical leaders from around the world to collaboratively create original work and bring change and this is a fellowship i have been aspiring  for the longest time and in fact i have been applying for last three years and finally this year i have become a onebeat fellow”.

While understanding the significance of classical art, Pavithra passionately advocated the  importance of the fusion and melange of different genre coming together.

She respectfully acknowledged the importance of art in one’s life, for her it brings confidence and creativity to communicate effectively with each other in today’s world.

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