Muse of the Month – Farheen Naqi

“The Hijab is my choice! It gives me power and control over what I want the world to see and how much of it do I want to show. It enables me to exercise my freedom in my own way… It is not something that I just adapted to. Everyone has their way of carrying it and this is mine. “ This was Farheen’s response when we asked her what made her embrace the hijab with such grace…

Isn’t this an intense thought…? Not adhering to societal norms, but, exercising our opinions and being absolutely positive in our approach!


Farheen Naqi… A Fashion & Lifestyle blogger like none other. Born in Lucknow, Farheen has a polished personality and you can instantly sense the good vibes. But her appearance is just the outer layer. She is so much more than what meets the eye… Which is what amazed us when we first interviewed her! She has so much depth to her which is a rare occurrence at such a young age. And what beautiful thoughts she has! It is truly appealing when a person from the fashion industry is more than just fashion. Being opinionated, being well-informed and being intellectual, Farheen has an essence that is simply refreshing!


For her, blogging was never a plan… It was not like she always dreamt of doing this or did some extensive study in Blogger101. But boy are we glad that things happened the way they did and now we have her amongst us doing what she does!

We were so intrigued, we just had to ask her how it all started to which she said… “I was going through my wardrobe when I realized there is so much potential in the clothes I have collected!” And like any great idea it struck her, the amazing things she can do with this wardrobe. So, she decide to start an Instagram account where she can feature her styling skills and inspire people. And like it was meant-to-be, her posts picked up and she started getting suggestions of turning this into a professional blog. Which is exactly what she did and she has never looked back since.


“I want to be a Fashion Stylist one day… take what I am doing to the next level…”

But, what is it that really sets her apart? We believe it’s her modest adaptation of contemporary chic fashion that really gives her an edge. “My personal style involves a lot of layering, experimentation and out of the box dressing… I wear all the trending outfits but with a very modest approach.”

What appeals to our heart is the beautiful mind that accompanies the beautiful personality. Our Muse does not tolerates arrogance… When asked what disappoints her the most in people, she said “I believe that the best thing a person can do is stay humble in life. A person needs to remember their roots, where they come from and no matter how successful they get, it would all go to waste with the wrong kind of attitude.”


And it’s not like her journey so far has all been roses and sunshine… Farheen has had her share of difficulties and hardships and she conquered them with her ever positive attitude. Like any beginner, success doesn’t happen overnight! It is a constant process… She said and we quote “That starting phase can be pretty discouraging… I would suggest that one should never get disheartened with the kind of criticism of lack of response that one faces in the initial stages. It’s all a process… Always ask yourself “Is this what I want to do? Am I going where I want to be? Is this who I am? Do I love what I do?”. Never be afraid to speak out, voice your opinions and the key is to always believe in what you are doing!”

Looking at how far she has come from where she started, we really are our best critics! Stay positive always for there will always be people who would want to bring you down… It is up to you to simply prove them wrong.


Also, Farheen is a major Cat Lover. She adores her three cats she has back home and misses them on her days away from them! In fact, when asked what her instant stress-buster is, she started by saying “I think its music…”but then, quickly said “can I change that… It’s MY CATS” in the most adorable coming-straight-from-the-heart tone. That just melted our hearts! We at Vajor are major animal lovers and we love to come across people who share the sentiments.

There is so much we can all take away from her inspiring story… This is what real women are made of! Not only this, but, even tiny details matter when it comes to making each day more productive. Like most of us have the habit of scrolling through our entire Instagram feed soon as we wake up… Farheen on the other hand- “I believe in making it the time to unwind my thoughts, refresh and energize for the events of the day and do it away from my phone. I put my phone aside and just play some music of my choice and enjoy the morning.”

Guys, this is actually a great way to start your day. We are going to try this, chuck our phones in the morning and let music guide us!





It is truly inspiring to come across good souls whom we have never met and yet connect with them on so many levels. Like Farheen, what caught our attention in the first place was the visuals! We cannot stress enough on the importance of good, clean visuals in today’s picture centric social media platforms! Her pictures instantly transport you to this soothing place where every element is right where it belongs! She is one of the few Indian bloggers who really know the pulse of blogging. And may we also mention what a great experience it always is to collaborate with her!

These real women with their real stories encourage us and we take it upon ourselves to share their stories with you… Cheers to womanhood!



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    Farheen I absolutely loved your attitude and your dressing sense.


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