Muse- Divya Dugar

A photojournalist, a writer, a documentary film producer, a woman traveling the world solo for the past ten years… Grounded and immensely in love with her beautiful dogs. Divya Dugar gives new definitions to “wanderlust” and “pet lover”. Now starting a new journey with her dogs, she wants to take her dogs around the world with her and break the common notions that one can not conveniently travel with pets.

Divya originally hails from Shekhawati, Rajasthan but was born and brought up in Calcutta. She spent a year in Chennai, doing her Post Graduation from the Asian College of Journalism. She now works as a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker for European television.

The big turn for Divya was her first real job as an Indian Correspondent for the French national television, France 2,  for which she always was on move. “It was mad 4 years, I took almost on an average 100 flights a year, reporting from 6 countries. From interviewing His Holiness, chasing yeti in Meghalaya, looking for diamonds in Panna and traveling across the length of Ganges to swimming with Manta rays in Maldives, life was one crazy roller coaster.”


She has now been travelling alone for 10 years! And after all of this solo travel, Divya wants to take her dogs with her on her journeys. She wants to travel with them, take a vacation and basically, prove it to the world that having pets should not restrict your travel aspirations, but, make them more fun!

She goes on to say that even when she was out somewhere in a far corner of the world, she always looked forward to coming home to her dogs! The days she spent away from her dogs is what made her crave to dedicate more and more of her time to them. And now, it is her topmost agenda to take her dogs with her and see the world.



Divya is not our muse because she did something really incredible one day… She is our muse because like so many women out there, she is doing something incredibly amazing every day in her life, be it her professional life or personal. The essence of a woman lies in what she makes of herself and not what she is mostly expected to be. We hope her story has inspired and encouraged you to take that risk, to take a stand, to do what you please and be exactly what you want to be. Break the stereotypes!


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    Valerie Becker

    I so enjoyed reading your blog, our friend Angela Anderson sent me the link. I hope we get to meet someday!


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    This is so refreshing and inspiring!


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