Muse- Devika Ahluwalia

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Art Director at the renowned advertising agency Scribbles Design, Devika Ahluwalia is the real woman of substance. A confident, witty and straight forward personality, Devika oozes confidence with her every move! A gold medallist in Masters in Advertising from the prestigious Jamia Milia Islamia and BFA from the renowned Chandigarh College of Art, Devika Ahluwalia is the creative mind behind a thousand stunning advertising campaigns.

Devika loves her job… “It’s my own work, so, I enjoy it. I get to do something new everyday… I want to keep paddling, keep growing!”. Now that is what we call DRIVE!

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Being the amazing and successful brand builder that she is today, it was never her plan. Born to parents who were both creative and intellectual, she had the right inspiration and guidance from the very beginning. “I was and average student but creative as a kid… My parents recognized that in me and pushed me to take that direction.”. When asked if not this, what would she be doing, she said “I would be a journalist”.

Devika has an inspiring dedication towards her work and her positive attitude accompanies her wherever she goes. That is one of the major reason she is so good at what she does. And after all the success, she is super modest! “I always work with smaller entrepreneurs because, firstly, I am too small for big corporates. Secondly, It feels nice to nurture small corporations like babies… Acting as their parents. It’s good fun to nurture… We are like their kindergarten!”

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But, behind all of this success and glory, the struggle is very real. ” We are more like launching pads to these emerging brands… Later on, they all move onto bigger agencies. But, no one has ever left at a bad note. We still maintain a healthy relationship with all of them. Some of them still call me for advice and it feels good.”

Devika firmly believes that small agencies are no less than the big ones. “There is nothing the small agencies can’t do that the big ones can!”. And looking at the level and quality of work that she delivers, we could not agree more! Her way of working is very simple… She needs good music, the AC should be on, the staff should be happy, lot of positivity in the air and comfortable attire. Isn’t that the best and simplest check-list ever!

And let us share a little secret… This strong, smart, opinionated lady is a real charmer! She was on fire the whole time we were interviewing her. We were lucky to see her in action… Since, the only time she could spare for us was while she was doing a photo-shoot for a client. She kept bombarding us with witty one-liners and we were amazed to see her energy and multi-tasking capabilities. From the attire, to the make-up, to the set-up and down to the model poses, she was in control! When asked where this drive comes from, she replied “It is what I do… I work to keep my clients happy. Being able to deliver results and ensure that the client gets business is what my goal is.”

Her topmost priority in life is being able to say to herself, at the end of every single day…

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And she has the same advice for our readers… “Sleep happy every night. You should feel that the day was well spent.”

Devika is a major lover of travel! Being the independent person that she is, she ends up traveling alone sometimes, without her family, and enjoys that me-time to the fullest. She loves to visit places she has never seen, unwind, take a break and just enjoy new cities! She believes inspiration is everywhere and one just needs to keep their eyes open. Well, we already feel motivated to pack our bags, take that vacation and let our travel inspire us.

After a stressful day, Devika likes to unwind with a movie, watch cookery shows… She loves to cook too but only once in a while. That’s pretty much the medicine to any bad day, Netflix and food! And like any normal person, Devika too faces a bad day at times but her way of dealing with it is truly inspiring… “If the job was not done well, I can feel it in my heart… I would reach work early the next morning and rectify it. I don’t let it go till I am through. I just can’t wait for the night to end so I can go back and improve it.”. She keeps thinking to herself…

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And that is when the best ideas strike her… At random, after a lot of thought process. Well we can all see the amount of hard work she puts in to be where she is today. And after all of this, she is not really a workaholic… Work centric maybe. She switches off from work at 6. After that, she spends time with her kids, shops and loves to sit back and observe trends… Just looking at what’s going on in the world around her! It’s always a good idea to stay informed.

What’s even more striking is her views on feminism… We expected her to be a feminist, but, to our surprise she denied any amount of belief in the concept itself. She believes the society needs to stop categorizing people into males and females… That there was once a need for women empowerment (maybe 20 years ago) but not anymore!  “I believe in the power of my own self. It’s not about being male or female… I was raised with equal rights and the same upbringing that was given to my fellow male companions… Then why should women be given extra privileges except for separate restrooms!”

Now that is what we call food for thought! Being utterly fierce and independent, Devika does not want any special privileges and treatment! Her views, in a way, are about being self sufficient, earning our own rights and not asking for them! On asking what was the turning point in her life, she just smiled and said…

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She channels this sharp personality through her clothes as well! Her personal style is a mixture of creative and entrepreneurial moods… Comfort is her topmost priority and over a period of time, she has found her look. She knows what looks best on her and she sticks to it. She doesn’t experiment much, but, if something new agrees with her taste and level of comfort, she surely adopts it!

When the interview was over, we were bursting with excitement… We could not wait to share this story with you! There was so much of information, we were afraid to miss out on something crucial. Devika is an inspiration to all of us in many ways and the true Vajor Muse.

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Each month we will bring to you a real story, a real person you can relate to and we will strive to inspire you in whichever way possible. This month’s muse, Devika Ahluwalia, is an inspiration to all the women out there who work hard, who yearn for success and who are hell bent on making their mark on the world.




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