Muse- Anshulika Dubey

Introducing our stunning Muse Anshulika Dubey… A driven entrepreneur, she is the Co-founder and COO at, India’s first and the most successful crowdfunding platform for creative projects.


When we first met her, it was at Ink Talks (Mumbai), she was sharing her ideas on the stage… And we could feel that instant connection with her. Her passion, her drive… We could relate to all of that. And then she said the next time she will be on stage, she won’t be presenting ideas, but, singing… That also reflects what a multifaceted personality she has. She is more of a surprise package… That was when we thought to ourselves “That’s our next Muse right there!”.

Trying to figure her out, we asked her to describe herself in three words (it’s not that easy, trust us) and the words she chose were:


Anshulika seems like this person who is constantly building & evolving… And not just her business but her own self as well! When asked what inspires her most in life, she said, “It’s my mother… I wish I was as objective or humorous, for that matter, in life as much as she is.” Anshulika says her inspiration in life comes, not from any celebrities or famous personalities, but, it comes from the people in her life with whom she can relate to for real. She gets clarity about business sensibilities from her C0-founder… She admires people who are more practical in their approach than what she is. Also, successful people who love their jobs and are at a constant growth at their work.

And to top all of these commendable personality traits, like all our other muses, she too is an animal lover. She actually has two cats with the most adorable names “Billi” and “Meow”!


Like any other passionate professional, she too can not function without a particular gadget… In her case, her laptop. But, don’t let the business oriented corporate woman fool you, because, she has so much more to herself then great entrepreneur skills. Her ultimate stress buster is actually music… And she is presently attending weekly classes and learning classical music! She can sing (wow!).


Anshulika did her graduation from Miranda House Delhi University in B.A, English… We happened to stumble upon a blog that she writes while we were doing our background research and found out that she writes and does poetry as well. And  she is really good at it! When asked about it, she said “Writing let’s me get things out of my system!”. She started writing when she was 13 and has since cultivated it in some way or the other. It’s worth appreciating that she has not let go of her skills and talents and makes time for these things from her busy schedule… We should all take some inspiration from her in those regards.


With so many scandals, conflicts and what not happening everyday around us, Anshulika is disappointed the most by mediocrity and paranoia that has become a deep rooted issue in our society. She explains “People have become so paranoid… One thing happens and they start instantly jumping to conclusions , start judging… Start generalizing the entire scenario. Just because you came across one or two chauvinistic men in life, doesn’t mean you can start blaming the entire race!”.

Even media blows things out of proportion! Just because Parineeti Chopra lost weight (the recently released photos) doesn’t necessarily mean she is encouraging being thin or loosing weight to look beautiful. All that her photos and statements are really depicting is, she worked hard and got fit because her career demanded it and she personally wanted to! That I believe is absolutely normal and more people should try to stay fit and healthy!”


As we begin understanding more of  Anshulika as an independent woman with her opinions and thoughts in place, we ask her what her views are on Feminism… And she surprises us with a pretty simple and apt description of today’s scenario! She believes people have just lost the plot on feminism these days! Feminism is a very simple concept of economic equality… Economic equality covers the basic rights; the right to vote, and the right to get a job and earn equal to the opposite gender. If a woman has those things, she is sorted. But, today women have started demanding things like “If a man can smoke, drink, not shave his underarms, so can I!”. These demands and issues that are being put up are pretty impractical and not even the men should be drinking or smoking (for health reasons)… That’s just women playing into the very stereotype that they should be breaking.

Although, when it comes to job reservation, she is still a little torn. She is aware that on one hand, it is probably needed to ensure equal job opportunities for women from an economic perspective. While on the other hand, she feels it is absurd for women to ask for reservation simply on the basis of their gender. That is not at all gender equality or what Feminism is about.

End of the day, Anshulika believes in Real Feminists who fight for economic equality unlike the Feminazis who bring up issues that should not even be there in the first place and get all Hitler (read irrationally aggressive) about it!


Having this intense conversation with her actually enlightened us on a few points and we felt we should ask her some real life advice for our readers… So, this is what she has to say to you guys…

  1. Stop pitying yourself or blaming men for everything that goes wrong in your life.
  2. Stop feeling guilty for being successful!


Food for thought really! With this, our conversation with Anshulika came to an end. We realized our muse has so many layers to her personality… She is actually helping so many people realize their dreams! And she is fulfilling her dreams along the way as well. We can learn from her to maintain balance in life, to take out time for things that we love and work on our hobbies… And most importantly, dream big!

We hope her story, her thoughts inspire you to be the best version of yourself… We hope it gave you much to ponder over (Brain food!). We will be back with more such strong personalities and their inspiring stories… Till then, have a great ending to this year and welcome the new one with open arms and positive vibes… Happy New Year!


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